Step by step guide to cut the hair of a small child

Some parents favor cutting their toddler’s hair on their own. They make this decision out of fear of their child’s reaction at the hairdressing salon, for financial reasons, or just for comfort. Certainly, cutting the hair of your child yourself will be a very useful way to save money and save time. In this article on, we will explain to you a step-by-step guide to cut the hair of a small child. Let’s start

Items Needed to cut the hair of a small child

  • A comb
  • Vaporizer
  • Hair scissors
  • A chair
  • Some napkins

Prepare the child

Get the appropriate scissors and the right comb

guide to cut the hair of a small child

When cutting your child’s hair, you won’t have to improvise, as the child could quickly begin to twist. Arrange your tools well. First and important, you will need sufficient scissors.

  • Hairdressing scissors will be the most useful. You will also necessitate providing a booster seat on which your child can sit, so that you can control the complete hair, from various angles. A comb with a pick can benefit you apportion the child’s hair into different sections.
  • Household scissors are normally not sharp enough to cut hair. If you cannot get hair scissors, you can resolve for multi-purpose scissors. You can get hair scissors in stores or supermarkets.
  • Place magazines, newspaper, or a towel below the chair so that any strands you cut to fall over them. Put a towel over your child’s shoulders, so that their dresses are not covered with cropped hair.

Distract the child

It is always more helpful to plan for entertainment for the child so that he does not get too upset. Plan to cut your little one’s hair when he is comfortable and feeling good. Don’t try to cut his hair when he’s exhausted, starving, or sick.

  • You could provide a pacifier to your child, that he enjoyed the time you cut his hair.
  • To keep your child as entertaining as possible, you could set them on a chair in front of the television. He should, consequently, concentrate his attention on something other than the haircut and the process will be more comfortable for you.
  • Speak to her a lot, laugh, and give her positive comments. To make the adventure fun for the child, include them in the process, such as singing a poem with them as you cut. Don’t demand to get a perfect haircut though, as most small children are incompetent to stand still.

Wet her hair

Before you begin cutting, consider sprinkling a little water on the child’s hair. If the child’s hair is complicated, get a detangling spray. If the hair is not fairly wet, the cut will not be smooth.

  • It will be more comfortable for you to cut the child’s hair perfectly if it is wet. You can purchase a spray bottle, fill it with water and spray water on the little one’s hair.
  • If you don’t own a vaporizer, you’ll get one for a dollar or two in most supermarkets. You will also require a wide-tooth comb.
  • If you don’t own a spray bottle, you could also wet the comb and comb the child’s hair with it, before you start cutting the hair. You could also use a washcloth, wet it, and utilize it to wet the child’s hair. Be vigilant not to wet the hair too much. Just moisten them.

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Cutting a child’s hair short with scissors

Lift the child’s hair

If the child is moving, it will be much more comfortable to cut their hair section by section. This is true even for small kids who have short hair.

  • Take a barrette and pull up all the hair that you don’t cut. Pull out small strands of hair, one after the other.
  • It will not be required to apportion the child’s hair into real sections. Just take wicks the size you think is proper. The purpose is to concentrate on one strand at a time.
  • It will also not be needed to make parts of the same size. It doesn’t mean much. Distributing the hair into different sections simply makes it more comfortable to cut the child’s hair when the child is anxious.

Choose the right angle to cut small child hair

One of the most significant things to cut small child hair is to cut at an angle.

  • Try to cut the small child’s hair at a 45 ° angle. When forming the child’s hair, aim the scissors at an angle, towards his neck. If you don’t cut at an angle, the cut will be too neat. Some experts suggest cutting hair at 11 am.
  • Hold a portion of hair at a 45 ° angle and cut with your fingers, utilizing your fingers to cut in a vertical line.
  • If your child has flyways on the top of their head, it might be most satisfying to leave their hair longer on top, to tone it down. The additional weight of the longer hair will prevent it from standing upon its head.

Start at the front

Start by cutting the child’s hair in the front, as this is the portion that people will notice first. Your child will presumably be most supportive early in the process.

  • Start with the bangs. Cut from the point of one of the child’s eyebrows, towards the end of their second eyebrow. Pull her bangs down and cut them at a 45 ° angle (or 11 o’clock ).
  • Smoothly hold the child’s hand as you cut their bangs. Be cautious not to get the scissors near the child’s skin and eyes. Be conscious that the child might make an unexpected movement.
  • Some parents find it more comfortable to start cutting at the ear level when the child is still calm at the start of the cut. Cut very gently around the ears, so as not to harm the child.

Work slowly

To cut a toddler’s hair, it is essential to be very soft, but steady, and to cut very small strands very gently. Keep the wicks upright.

  • This will execute it more comfortable for you to manage the scissors, particularly if the child quickly moves. To cut a section of hair, take it between your fingers. Cut it at a 45 ° angle and not equal to your fingers. Consequently, the cut will be more prosperous. If you cut the hair that is too equal with your fingers, the cut will be too sharp for most people.
  • Ascertain the length using the first bit. As you work your way throughout the child’s head, take a small wick from the portion earlier cut, so you understand how long to cut the next one.
  • Slip your fingers to the wanted length, then scissors under your fingers. Start by eliminating less length than required. You can always cut shorter if required.

Cutting a toddler’s long hair

Cutting a toddler's long hair

Divide long or shoulder-length hair into several sections

Toddlers often have thin, short hair. But, some small children, particularly little girls, wear long hair. It is much more comfortable to cut the hair in thin and small segments. For this, it is necessary to divide the child’s hair into various small segments.

  • On a long child’s hair, it is frequently better to draw the split in the center. This will make it more comfortable to get a proper fit.
  • To cut long or shoulder-length hair, use a wide-toothed comb and distribute the child’s hair into various segments. Begin with the hair on the top of the head and adjust the portions with barrettes, so that you can manage the hair from the bottom and the back of the head.
  • Make two portions of hair at the child’s ears. Then, mark two portions on the back of his head, divided by a central parting. Then divide all of the portions of the back of the head in half. Lift each portion and secure them with barrels.

Brush the remaining hair to the back of the head

Brush them thoroughly downwards: these will work as a pattern for the length of the cut. Cutting these portions of hair will be the most crucial step.

  • Cut the random hair at the back of the head to the length you seek for the child’s complete hair.
  • You will then cut all other portions to the equal length as the front. Make certain you can view this first portion as you cut the next ones. For this, you will require to work fairly thin portions of hair.
  • Cut the hair in a vertical line. Pull the child’s hair down. Cut in a vertical line, leading the scissors at 11 o’clock, to form a smoother cut. To do this, hold a portion of hair within your fingers, then cut to the desired length.

Finish the cut

Start by cutting the hair from the back of the head, picking the hair straight down to the sides.

  • Balance it all. As you cut, try requesting the child to look down lightly. As you cut a portion of hair, allow some of the raised hair to fall back to even out. When you smooth out the rest of the hair, utilize the first portion as a model to cut to the correct length.
  • Tear off the following portion and even it out so that it is the equal length as the first portion. Proceed like this, working one portion at a time. If the child’s hair is thick, you may need to pull a portion out various times so that you can see the pattern.
  • To cut portions of hair near to the ears, comb them towards the back and control them from the back.

Cutting a little child’s hair with a trimmer

Cutting a toddler's hair with a trimmer

Use a mower

It is reasonable to cut the hair of a small child with a clipper, particularly if he has short hair.

  • Purchase a mower, in a specialty store or supermarket. A first price mower expenses around 20 euros. You can use a shoe.
  • Place shoe number 3 on the mower. Plug it in. Maintain the mower at an angle of almost 90 °. Mow in a vertical line, upwards, starting at the back of the child’s neck.
  • With the machine, cut the child’s hair upwards, throughout his head.

Perfect the cut

Once you are finished cutting the child’s hair on the back and sides of their head, you will necessitate perfecting the cut.

  • Remove the clipper comb and clip around the child’s ears. Work smoothly, so as not to harm the little one.
  • Utilizing the clipper, smooth the haircut around the child’s neck. Again, work gently so as not to harm the child.
  • You must practice great care, taking care to entertain the child, working very gently, and expecting any unexpected movements.

Cut the rest of the hair

After using the clipper, you will need to utilize scissors to complete the child’s cut. Do not cut the top or front of the child’s hair with the trimmer.

  • On the top of the head, start by taking a portion of hair in the front. Select the length you desire. Put your fingers over the portion. Cut the hair over your fingers. Go ahead to the back of the child’s head.
  • The first cut portion will serve as a guide for the following portions. Cut the middle portion of the head first, then the sides. The top of the head will be split into three portions: one in the middle and one on each side.
  • Work towards the back of the middle portion. Combine the upper part with the sides. Cut at a 45 ° angle. Maintain a section of hair with your fingers and cut at that angle. Then take another small portion and do the same, moving ahead all around the head.

Advice from

  • Regularly smooth out the child’s hair. This will allow the little one to get accepted to this situation, without having to stand still for long hair styling sittings.
  • Have your child observe someone else, such as a family member, have their hair cut. Consequently, he will realize that there is nothing scary about it.
  • Start by cutting the hair from the front of the head. Your child will be calmer and will more efficiently stay still at the start of the session.

Warnings from

Hair scissors are extremely sharp. So you will have to be very cautious when cutting close to the head, particularly when cutting the child’s bangs and the hair around their ears. Small children usually make sudden movements. You will, consequently, need to be ready to respond immediately and quickly remove the scissors from the child.

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