How to style a little girl's hair

How to style a little girl’s hair? |step by step guide|

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A little girl is a little like a living doll that you can play at styling and dressing. Have fun trying out various cute hairstyles, for a special occasion or every day. You can try “hairstyle girl simple and easy for school”. You are on the correct page if you need to learn little girl’s hairstyles.

Prepare your hair

Gather the necessary tools

Before styling your little girl’s hair, it would be satisfactory to gather the required accessories and tools, so that they are on hand.

For example, you might need a comb, hairbrush, styling spray, barrettes, hairspray, rubber bands, bows, headbands, clips, ribbons, and other accessories.

You might also require a hair curler, hair straightener, or hairdryer.

Have her lie in front of you

Little girls don’t perpetually like to have their hair arranged and when they twitch impatiently, it can be difficult to style them accurately.

  • For this, it would be sufficient to have her sit in front of you, on a high stool, or on a cushion on the ground (if you are also sitting). Give her something to look at while you style her hair, like a cartoon, book, or Nintendo.
  • Expectedly, she gets so wrapped up in this amusement that she’ll just sit quiet and forget to cry when you pull her hair!

Untangle her hair

Before you start doing anything with her hair, you will necessitate to brush it completely to eliminate any knots and soften it out as much as possible.

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Leave your hair down

Curl, emboss or straighten her hair

Likewise, if you don’t do elaborate braids or other difficult hairstyles, it’s still great to put some energy into making certain your little girl looks fabulous. You can accomplish this efficiently and swiftly using tools such as hair curlers, hair straighteners, or an embossing iron.

  • Straightening: If your little girl’s hair is wavy, curly, or frizzy, straightening it with iron can convert it completely (for a special occasion). Furthermore, it is oftentimes prudent to straighten the hair before starting on certain braids and hairstyles, as straight hair is much more comfortable to work with. Keep in mind to spray liberally with a heat protectant before you begin and work in small strands. You can find more comprehensive guidance in an article dealing especially with straightening hair.
  • Curl: little girls are so good-looking with beautiful curls! You can prefer soft waves, tight curls, or a simple movement at the end of the lengths. First, determine how to utilize a curling iron precisely. If you favor not to use heat, you can try folding her hair with curling mousse or utilizing fabric curlers.
  • Embossing: The third alternative would be to crimp your hair. The outcome will be more exciting than utterly straight hair and more entertaining than simple curls. You can purchase an embossing iron on the Internet or in a beauty store economically. The method itself is very simple: you simply press the iron around a section of hair and hold for 15-20 seconds before releasing. If you don’t want to utilize heat, you can accomplish a similar effect by finely braiding her hair while it’s still wet: make 10-12 braids in total, then unhitch them after the hair is dry.

Twist strands from front to back

How to style a little girl's hair

Twisting the strands raising your daughter’s face behind and securing them with an alligator clip or a cute barrette is a simple and attractive way to bring a little bit of elegance to your little one’s hair.

  • For this hairstyle, draw a split in the center or lightly on the side, according to your choices. Then hold a small section of hair on one side and wrap it towards the back of her head. Adjust the wick with a barrette and do the same on the opposite side of the girl’s face. You have completed!
  • You could also try wrapping two strands on both sides of her face. You could then wrap these two strands towards the back of the head, then wrap them on top of each other in the opposing direction. The effect obtained will be very successful.
  • Alternatively, by twisting the locks up, you could execute easy braids on both sides of her face, pull them back, and secure them with barrettes.

To get curls, try Bantu knots

bantu knonts hair style for little girls

Bantu knots are an entertaining way to curl your little girl’s hair. The curls got will be more relaxed and more natural than if you adopted a curling iron or curlers.

  • Start with wet hair. Apportion the girl’s hair into elegant, even-sized sections. The number of sections will depend on the thickness of the little girl’s hair and the width of the curls you need to accomplish: the tinier the sections, the tighter the curls will be.
  • Utilize a fair amount of mousse, styling gel, or ointment in each section of hair. Then begin curling every section from the roots to the ends, then curl the hair even further, which should then start to curl on itself.
  • Proceed to wrap the hair on itself and tighten it to the little girl’s head with bobby pins. The hair should then form a cone shape or small knot.
  • Replicate this process until all sections of hair form a Bantu knot. If you work nice enough, Bantu knots can even be used like this! If you need curls, leave the knots until the hair is totally dry (you have to let the hair dry typically, you cannot practice a blow dryer).
  • Once the hair is dry, separate the bobby pins and smoothly loosen the knots. Utilize a small amount of moisturizing spray or light styling product with your fingers and run your fingers into the curls, until you obtain the fancied style. Do not utilize a hairbrush or the girl’s hair will be kinky and not curly  [1].

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Raising her hair

Make a classic ponytail

Make a classic ponytail

To style your little girl quickly and swiftly, give her a traditional ponytail. Ponytails can be a little boring though, so here are a few ideas to spice them up.

  • Cover the hair elastic: hide the elastic by taking a part of the hair from below the ponytail and covering it around it. Then secure with a few bobby pins.
  • Make a banana: Ere pulling up the girl’s hair into a ponytail, part a section of hair over her forehead (where her bangs would be). Pull up her hair into a glossy ponytail, leaving this part free. Draw this part of hair up and start backcombing it, so you get loads of volumes. Then wrap the end of this big wick and adjust it on the girl’s head with bobby pins. She is now wearing a pretty banana!
  • Add Accessories: Rather of confusing the ponytail itself, you could just add some accessories, like bows, ribbons, or flowers, artificial or fresh. You could make appealing hair knots yourself for a portion of the store price, with only hot glue and a small ribbon.

Make her a ballerina bun

A ballerina bun is an artistic hairstyle that will look fabulous for parties and other occasions and which can also benefit to free the hair from the girl’s face when she is skateboarding, dancing, or any other fun.

  • To create a ballerina bun, start by curling all of the hair below. You can do this very fast by curling large strands and concentrating on the ends. Then pick the hair into a high ponytail and fasten it with a rubber band.
  • Utilize a comb to backcomb the hair and give it strength. Wrap the backcombed hair on itself and then around the bottom of the ponytail, to make a bun on the top of the head. Utilizing bobby pins, fasten the bun on the little one’s head. Spray the bun with hairspray to tame flyaways  [2].
  • Alternatively, you could utilize a donut, an accessory specially designed to be put under the hair and make a perfect bun, which you can purchase at a beauty store. Just move the ponytail below the center of the donut, spread the hair above the object, and bind it with a rubber band. Tuck in the suggestions and secure everything with bobby pins. Splash hairspray to tame flyaways.

Create quilts

Quilts are the ideal hairstyle of little girls. They are very simple to create and can be worn by toddlers with short hair as well as by girls with very long hair.

  • Bring a split in the middle and thus separate the hair into two equal parts. Then decide on the look you want to accomplish with these duvets.
  • You will need to choose the position of the quilts first: do you desire quilts high, on the top of the head, or low duvets, letting the hair fall over the little girl’s shoulders? Do you want them on the back of her head (then they won’t be noticeable from the front) or on the surfaces(or they will be noticeable)?
  • Next, you will require to believe about what style you want to accomplish. Do you want to weave the quilts, make them fishtails, leave them loose or curl them? You can also dress up the quilts by adding a few bows or ribbons.

Make a “pin curl crown”

pin curl crown little girl hair style

This beautiful hairstyle is exceptional for special occasions. It will be ideal for a little flower girl!

  • Brush the hair and draw a side parting, on the side of your choice. Make a secondary line from ear to ear. Gather a large section of hair near one of the ears and tie them into a low ponytail with a small elastic. Do the same on the other side.
  • Divide the remaining hair into several low ponytails, all around the head. The exact number of ponytails will depend on the thickness of the little girl’s hair. In general, you will do between 4 and 8 ponytails.
  • Starting on one side of her head, take the first ponytail, and spray it with water or hairspray so that it is smooth and easy to work with. Wrap the hair twice around your first two fingers, making sure the tips come out to the back.
  • Remove your fingers from the center and secure the loop thus created flat on the head of the girl, using bobby pins, directly above the next ponytail. You have just created a “pin curl”.
  • Repeat with all the ponytails, all around the head. Don’t worry if the bobby pins are very noticeable, you will cover most of them later.
  • When you get to the last loop, secure it back toward the previous loop rather than forward. You may need to readjust the spacing slightly so that this loop can take its place.
  • Once all the “pin curls” are in place, spray each one with hairspray. Then take flower pins or knots and place them in the center of each loop. The result will be more elegant, so you can cover some of the bobby pins. You could even use fresh flowers!

Make zigzag quilts

This hairstyle is a fun alternative to classic quilts. This fun style will also help pull the hair out of the girl’s face!

  • Divide the hair into six sections on the back of her head: two on the top, two in the middle, and two at the bottom. Use colored rubber bands to gather the top two sections into quilts.
  • Cross the quilts over each other and join the hair of the quilts to the hair of the two middle sections. Make two more quilts with the hair thus gathered, again using color elastics.
  • Cross the middle quilts over each other, then join the hair to the two lower sections. Make two final quilts, which you will secure with hair ties.
  • Use a comb to outline the sections as neatly and as straight as possible. The more symmetrical and uniform these sections are, the more successful the final look will be [4].

Make a bun in the shape of a knot

An adorable knot bun, inspired by Lady Gaga, will be perfect for a special day or for playing dress-up.

  • Start by gathering the little girl’s hair into a high ponytail. When you wrap the elastic around the ponytail one last time, do not put it through the entire elastic. Pass the hair about halfway up, forming a loop of hair above the ponytail. The ends of the hair should stick out below.
  • Using your fingers, divide the hair curl into two even parts. These two parts will form the loops of the knot.
  • Take the free hair coming out under the curls and spray it with water or hairspray so that it is very smooth. Pull them up, between the two hair loops, to form the center of the knot.
  • Divide the central part in half. Take one half and wrap it around one side of the knot. Secure this strand with bobby pins when you reach the back of the knot. Tuck the loose strands into the center of the loop, then secure the bottom of the loop with a bobby pin.
  • Do the same with the other half of the hair, on the other side of the knot. With your fingers, ruffle the two loops of the knot, so that they are quite voluminous. Use hairspray to tame flyaways and help the knot hold its shape [5].

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Make different styles of braids

Make an African braid

Once you have mastered the technique, the African braid is a classic hairstyle that is very easy to achieve. It will be ideal for school days because it is very cute and also helps to keep the little girl’s hair neat throughout the day.

  • Take a section of hair from the top of the girl’s head, in the center, and just above the forehead. Divide it into three equal strands, as you would any other braid.
  • Hold two strands in your right hand and the third in your left hand. Cross the strand of your left hand in the center of the other two, then cross the outer strand of your right hand in the center of the other two strands, just as you would any braid.
  • Continue to braid your hair like this, but before crossing each section, add a new section of hair, taken from the same side of your head.
  • The smaller the strands, the more intricate the African braid will be. Continue to incorporate new strands until all of your hair is integrated into the braid, then finish with a normal braid, which you will secure with an elastic.
  • Variants: draw a line in the middle, then braid the hair on each side, to obtain African braids, on each side of the little girl’s head.

Make a sideways fishtail braid

The “fishtail” braid is easier to master than the African braid, but the result will be just as intricate and very pretty.

  • Gather the little girl’s hair on one side of her head and tie it into a low ponytail using a small elastic. Divide the hair into two parts.
  • Take a thin section of hair, on the outside of the left section. Bring this section back in front of the left section and pass it under the right section and then let this section blend with the right hair.
  • Then take a thin section of hair on the outside of the right section. Pass this section in front of the right section, then under the left section, and let this section blend with the left hair.
  • Continue like this for as long as possible. Once you reach the thinner end of your hair, you will need to continue with a normal braid.
  • You can choose to work with strands as thin or as wide as you want. Using thin wicks will take more time, but the effect will be more successful. Try to work with sections of hair of the same size, so that the braid is neat.
  • Secure the braid with a small elastic. You can wear the braid this way or gently cut the elastic holding the hair at the top of the braid, for a looser hairstyle.
  • Variation: Once you have mastered the fishtail braid technique, you can try an African- fishtail braid. You will start with an African braid, which will end in a fishtail braid, once all of the hair has been incorporated into the braid.

Make a Rapunzel ponytail

This super simple hairstyle will look adorable on little girls with extra-long hair and they’ll look like pretty princesses!

  • Pull the girl’s hair up into a tight, high ponytail on the back of her head. Divide the hair into two parts. Braid one of the two halves and secure this braid with a small elastic.
  • Wrap the other half of the hair on itself, then wrap the braid around the coiled hair. Secure this hairstyle with a small elastic.
  • Variation: tie a knot at the top of the ponytail, to increase the “princess” effect!

Make braided flowers

For this very cute hairstyle, you will need to wrap a braid on itself, to achieve a flower shape. The braided flower will be a nice alternative to hair knots and plastic flowers.

  • Pull the hair into a tight, high ponytail at the back or side of the little girl’s head. Part a section of hair from the top of the ponytail and braid it to the end, before securing it with a small elastic.
  • Start wrapping the braid around itself, making sure to keep it flat so the pattern is visible. After each turn, discreetly secure the braid with a bobby pin.
  • When you get to the end of the wick, twist it around itself and tuck it under the finished flower, before securing it with a bobby pin.
  • Variation: leave the hair loose and make three braided flowers, aligned on the back of her head or gathered above one of the girl’s ears.

Make a braided headband

You can try this very cute style on little girls with long hair. The effect will look like a braided headband on top of her head.

  • Draw a parting in the middle, then draw a second parting, from ear to ear, so that the hair is divided into four parts.
  • Take a section of hair behind the girl’s right ear. Braid it into a single braid all the way, then secure it with a small elastic.
  • Bring the braid over the top of the little girl’s head and secure it with a few bobby pins behind her left ear (or slightly higher, if necessary). Make sure the headband is secure so that it does not slip and stays in place.
  • Take a stand on the right side of the head and twist it on itself inward. Pull this strand back, to cover the starting point of the braid. Temporarily secure this strand with a hair clip.
  • Do the same on the other side of the head, to cover the end of the braid and the pins. Remove the clamp and secure the two wicks with a small elastic. Cover the elastic with a pretty hair knot or flower clip.
  • Variation: You could also make a double braided headband by adding a second braid, starting from the left side of the little girl’s head, and bringing this braid to the right.

Advice From

  • Curly hair is always very cute. For added security, use overnight curlers instead of a curling iron.
  • Spray-on conditioner or run your brush under running water before styling the little girl. This will make it easier to remove knots.
  • Always use hair ties covered with fabric. The rubber bands will get stuck in the little girl’s hair.

We hope you liked these easy hairstyles for girls especially flower girl hairstyles and braided rose hairstyles.

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