3 easy ways to prepare banana baby food

Banana baby food is one of the first meals parents make for their children, and you can give it to your baby in their first 4-6 months. Banana baby food is an outstanding meal for toddlers because the texture is smooth, but it’s also easy for parents to make. Banana is also a great food for babies who are struggling with diarrhea. And all you require to get started is a peeled banana. In this article of 3 easy ways to prepare banana baby food we will share with you also:

  • How do I make baby food from bananas?
  • Can I give my baby a banana as a first food?
  • What baby food I should introduce first?

Let’s Start!

Preparing a banana baby meal to be eaten immediately

Prepare your ingredients and utensils.

You require a peeled banana, a fork or potato masher, and a container.

Rinse your banana with vinegar

Use a mixture made of ¼ of white vinegar and ¾ of water. Exfoliate the surface of your banana to get rid of pesticides and bacteria. Even after you peel your banana, you can eliminate bacteria from the flesh of the fruit if you don’t wash it before peeling it.

Clean your countertop

Clean down your countertop to purify it, and make sure your tools and dishes are as clean as possible. [3]

Peel your banana

peel banana first to make cereal for baby

Separate the skin from your banana and throw it away. Cut your banana into many large pieces and place them in a container.

Mash your banana

Use a potato masher or a fork to make a creamy mashed banana. Make sure that you don’t leave any big pieces that your baby could choke on.

If you desire a smoother mixture, you can utilize a blender or a small food processor to grind your banana. You can also combine a little breast milk.

Place half of your mash in the refrigerator

Set your mixture in a small container and a small plastic bag immediately on top of your banana. Place everything in the fridge in case your baby does not desire to consume all of your formulae at one time.

Give your baby banana puree

How to prepare banana baby food
Banana Baby Food is the most famous food in the world.

Utilize a spoon to serve your baby. Bananas are an exceptional food for young children because they are soft and comfortable to digest.

Mix the banana with other ingredients for your baby

Add a banana to baby rice cereal

  • Cook the rice cereal then combine a mashed banana.
  • To make homemade rice cereal, mix whole grain rice in a neat coffee grinder. In a small pot, boil 230 ml of water. Add ¼ cup of rice powder to the water and mix quickly. Boil over low heat for 10 minutes, mixing continuously. If your recipe is too thick, you can combine breast milk to thin it. Your mixture is too thick if it is challenging to serve with a spoon.

Add a crushed avocado

prepare avocado and banana baby food
Adding avocado to baby banana food can create a good taste for your baby.

As with the banana, you just require to wash your tools as well as the fruit. Mash your avocado with a potato masher or fork and combine it with your banana. Blend to combine both ingredients. A 1 to 1 ratio is ideal, but you can combine a little more of both.

Prepare a yogurt parfait for your baby

Start with plain yogurt. Combine mashed banana. You can also combine crushed strawberries (if your baby is not allergic to them) and wheat germ, but discuss with your doctor if your baby can consume gluten.

Add oatmeal

  • You can prepare oatmeal from oatmeal powder mixed with a mashed banana.
  • To make oatmeal for your baby, start by crushing your grain in a neat spice grinder. Boil a cup of water in a pan and add ¼ cup of oatmeal powder. Boil over low heat for 15 minutes and combine to stop the mixture from sticking. To thin your formula, combine breast milk.

Mix your banana with raw spinach

Make sure the spinach is clean and fresh. You can utilize pre-washed spinach, but you can rewash it for further care. Mix a small handful of spinach with two bananas in a blender. Serve this formula as you would any other baby food.

Mix your mashed banana with mashed sweet potatoes

Mix your mashed banana with mashed sweet potatoes

Try a 1 to 1 ratio. Boil or steam your sweet potatoes until tender. Peel them and crush them with a fork or in a blender. Add the crushed banana once your preparation has cooled.

Freezing your banana baby food

Pour your banana mixture into ice cube trays

Utilize a spoon to pour your crushed bananas into ice cube trays. Fill your containers, but keep them from touching.

Cover your bins

Use an aluminum foil or plastic bag to cover your containers. If you’re practicing plastic wrap, squeeze it over your containers to get the air out.

Place your ice cube trays in the freezer

Once the mashed banana ice cubes have chilled, you can pour them into resealable freezer bags. Write down the date and specify your freezer bags because you shouldn’t hold them in the freezer for more than 3 to 6 months.

Leave your freezer bags in the refrigerator

  • To melt your food, place it overnight in the refrigerator. One ice cube is approximately 30 ml, and in 6 to 8 months, your baby will eat around 60 to 120 ml of food per day.
  • Let your preparation melt until the pieces of ice are completely gone, and the food is at your refrigerator temperature.

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