Baby’s growth in the first six months

We are back together again. We proceed with the subsequent stage in the baby’s growth, with the first and amazing six months of our son’s life. You will see the benefit of exercises with your son that will support his accurate harmonic and neurological growth, the source of all future training that he will develop in his life. In this article on, we will explain your baby’s growth in the first six months. Let’s start!

So that we know the value of this stage, I give you an example that in my father’s courses and classes I habitually explain:

We want to make ourselves a wonderful home. We purchase the land, we design the building, the interior, we glance at the furniture, the decoration … but the most significant thing will be to lay down solid foundations so that the structure is securely held, because it is the house of our life, of our future. It will not make a reason for us to concentrate on the features if the fundamentals are not solid or durable. This is the correspondence with our son’s first six months. It is the stage of connecting the maturation bases of its development. The stage that we will describe NEONATAL.

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Emotional ties to the baby in the first six months

In this time, it is necessary not only to carry out the exercises but also how we carry them out. Required from love, affection, respect, tolerance, patience, perseverance, and emotion.

Travelers, let’s not neglect that it is also the stage of our uncertainties, doubts, concerns. Do not be confused by my words. Our son will cry and we will not understand why. As he does not talk, he will not be able to express his inner world, his distress. Friends, it is the stage of colic, gas, diarrhea, constipation, struggles to sleep… endless situations. But never, never ignore to feel love. Remember the exercises that I wrote in earlier articles.

In this neonatal stage, the emotional connection with our child is vital. Babies are experts in emotional judgment. It is time to build emotional ties in the growth of our baby based on love, affection, and devotion.

Aim and remember:

  • Our tone and volume of voice should be gentle, slow, kind.
  • Our relationship with our baby must be based on solid contact.
  • Let’s do the bathroom with him/her.
  • Let us feel his heart in our skin, the touch of his skin.
  • Dad, enjoy this adventure.
  • If it is meaningful and special for you to feel these feelings, imagine yourself for him/her.
  • If we feel annoyed, he will be nervous; if we love him, he will love us.
  • Kiss him, sing to him, whisper to him … yes, from the most genuine love.
  • Every second that you are with him, show him and make him feel.

Explorers, let us not fall into the mistake of, as we recognize him as weak and small, to think that he does not find out, that he does not understand. Feel everything. We are his dad/mom, pass it on to him!

The responsibility of parents in the baby’s growth

Baby's growth in the first six months
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Fathers, moms, I told you in my first article that throughout my more than 30 years of expertise guiding parents and in my clinical practice, whenever I have asked future fathers how they thought their children when they grew up, they have Eternally appeared pleasing answers like:

  • Self-confident.
  • Happy
  • With high self-esteem.
  • Social, with values.
  • Thriving in life.
  • And endless expressions that could fill innumerable pages of this article.

And I guarantee you that these must be the answers we must give, but dear fellow travelers, this means a beautiful responsibility as parents. It is the same if we have had a bad day at work, we have become angry, we are bothered… and a wide variety of emotional difficulties typical of being an adult. He does not deserve that we give him these feelings, these emotions.

If little by little we are seeing the value of this first stage of child development in the growth of the baby, we will surmise that the aforementioned fundamentals must be more than ever from LOVE.

Many times as adults we lose perspective quickly, although we will never realize it, we are parsimonious. We will not want selfishness for our children. If we see it in him/her we will recriminate it. But dear fellows, have we observed ourselves?

Let’s stop for a second in our journey: ” tomorrow, darling, I have an urgent meeting, if she cries tonight, get up.” “Love, I’ve been with him all day and I haven’t been able to rest for a second, I’m confused…” three in the morning, I cry from our irritable jewel, …

It is not an executed example, the fruit of my mind. It is a frequent reality. And travelers, a situation like this ends in anxiety, nervousness, yelling, despair … do you remember now all my exercises from previous articles? Perhaps now is a good time to remember them. What fault is our treasure to cry? Perhaps we think he does it on purpose?

This is where the adult is selfish. How we grow as people when we can put it back to sleep from tranquility and our deepest love! And a small nuance: those people who are not reflected with my example, my deepest admiration.

Let us never forget that our son/daughter will make us better people and only in this way, our jewel will be better and more beautiful every day. Dads, moms, we must be the mirror of our children, from our weaknesses, insecurities … but also our deepest and most sincere … LOVE.

Dear travelers, as a guide, as a parent, as a person, I assure you … how beautiful it is to be a father/mother!

Remember that we are simply in the first stage of child development, they are the first steps of the journey, of the wonderful journey of giving life.