What Is Dyslexia? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Dyslexia is a learning disability that primarily affects reading skills, but it can also cause language comprehension, math skills, and general learning challenges. Dyslexia in children is often diagnosed when children begin to read around kindergarten or first grade, but a young person with dyslexia may go undiagnosed into their teen or young adult years. … Read more

Overcoming Learning Disabilities in Children

Understanding the nature of a learning disorder is imperative for anyone who’d like to be a successful teacher, counselor, psychologist, coach, or parent – a list certainly not exhaustive of all the leadership and mentorship roles important to children’s success. Knowing what to expect and what signs to look for with a learning difficulty can … Read more

How To Make A Paperweight For Children

How To Make A Paperweight For Children

Paperweights are used to keep documents like papers or letters from moving when the wind blows. Simple instructions can be found here for making the paperweight. However, an adult can also complete this task. Gifts like this are also good for fathers and mothers. Check out this KidsRush.com article on making a homemade paperweight for … Read more

The 7 Best Learn to Read Apps For Kids in 2021

The 7 Best Learn to Read Apps For Kids in 2021

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It has been decades since literacy at-home lessons began. Now, students can learn to read with apps. Today’s toddlers don’t need workbooks or videotapes to have fun with their families; all they need is a tablet. The market is currently filled with dozens of apps, but a few are head … Read more

The Most Beneficial Science Websites for Elementary Students

Science Websites for Elementary Students

These science websites for elementary students can help bridge the gap between now and the spring semester or enhance classroom efforts in the years ahead. Teachers and parents alike will appreciate these resources. Related: The 7 Best Science Websites for Kids Best Science Video Websites for elementary students The YouTube Best YouTube Channel has inspiring videos, including … Read more

The 7 Best Science Websites for Kids

Best Science Websites for Kids

Kids can learn a lot about science while being entertained using websites. There are many great kid-friendly ones out there. Children will get lots of science and creative thinking practice on these educational sites while having fun, and they will be hooked on it. In school, students will find hands-on experiments and games to try … Read more