The Rams and the Rooster

The Rams and the Rooster

Kids Bedtime Short Stories#1 Adaptation of the fable of Godofredo Daireaux One springtime morning all the members of a herd awoke with a start to loud, dry noises coming from outside the shelter. They crowded out to notice what was going on and found a fight in which two rams holding face to face were … Read more

3 easy ways to prepare banana baby food

How to prepare banana baby food

Banana baby food is one of the first meals parents make for their children, and you can give it to your baby in their first 4-6 months. Banana baby food is an outstanding meal for toddlers because the texture is smooth, but it’s also easy for parents to make. Banana is also a great food … Read more

What to do if the child has a toothache?

What to do if the child has toothache

It is common for the baby to be agitated during the teething period. But, it will apparently not be the last time that he encounters a toothache. Throughout life, it is normal for a person to face numerous illnesses, and one of them, and one of the most bothersome affects the tooth. Children can suffer … Read more

How to make a homemade kaleidoscope for kids easily

How to make a homemade kaleidoscope for kids easily

If you love optical illusions, here we present you with an easy and candid way to build a homemade kaleidoscope that both adults and kids will enjoy. A kaleidoscope is a tube that has several prone mirrors inside and at one of its ends they normally make two sheets of glass. Between them, you can … Read more

Preschool Children Food

Preschool Children food

When picking the most suitable food for your preschool children, it is useful to understand the different nutritional requirements depending on the growth stage in which the little one is. What should be the food of preschool children? We will show you! The relationship between preschool children and food Children of preschool age, between 3 … Read more