decorate a children's bathroom

How to decorate a children’s bathroom

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How to decorate a children’s bathroom:

Some homes have more than one bathroom and when there are little ones at home, there is no better idea than to use one to create a bathroom for them. However, bathrooms for children must be spaces, in addition to being practical, very original, and fun so that they can enjoy the most during their cleaning routine. It just takes a little imagination and creativity, at we help you with some ideas on how to decorate a children’s bathroom.

Steps to follow to decorate a children’s bathroom


Much much color

This is a mandatory rule when decorating children’s bathrooms. Far has been the trend of blue for boys and pink for girls, now the mix of bold and bold colors is in fashion.

An alternative is to choose a neutral and bright base color for the walls and combine it with colorful furniture and bathroom accessories or opt for two bright colors that contrast well. Colors such as oranges, reds, blues, greens, and yellows are ideal to bring life and originality to the children’s bathroom. Combining the white walls with tiles of different colors can also give a very cheerful look to space, besides, it is a good option to make cleaning the bathroom easier.

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Respond to your need to decorate a children’s bathroom

A bathroom for children should respond to your needs in every way. It is essential that both the furniture and all the details are at a suitable height so that the little ones can access them on their own. There are sinks, toilets, and bathtubs specifically accommodated for children. Another option is to incorporate stools and steps to facilitate the task, and even place an adapter in the toilet.

The shelves with various organizers are great for storing all the children’s bath toys and belongings. It is preferable to also place them at a height that is easy for them to reach.

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Choosing a theme to decorate a children’s bathroom

In the decoration of bathrooms for children creativity is a great protagonist. Something that the little ones at home surely love is choosing a theme to their liking that serves as the basis for decorating the space. You can focus the decoration on their favorite animated characters as well as their hobbies or other themes such as animals, flowers, geometric shapes … and everything you can think of to make the bathroom a charming place for children.

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Adhesive vinyl and shower curtains to decorate children’s bathroom

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Using adhesive vinyl and shower curtains related to the chosen theme for the decoration is a great idea that will attract the attention of children. You will find the vinyl of all kinds and shapes that are very easy to stick on walls, tiles, and furniture.

Add more things to create a better environment

Other accessories such as towels, mats, soap dishes, wastebasket, etc. They can also follow the main theme of the bathroom decoration or, on the contrary, choose them all from the same range of colors so that the contrast is more striking.

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Safety of children in the bathroom

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The safety of children in the bathroom requires special attention, as they are so fidgety and restless that they can easily fall and slip. To avoid this, it is advisable to place anti-slip bars and mats in the bathtub or shower that have good suction cups so that the grip is adequate.

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