How to make a Halloween party for children

How to make a Halloween party for children:

Is October 31 approaching and you want to prepare a Halloween party for your children? If you follow all our ideas you will be able to prepare a party that they will never forget. In this article, we explain how to make a Halloween party for children, giving you ideas to make invitations, prepare dinner, decorate the house, make games, make-up, and everything you need to make the party a success. If you follow our advice, you will get the best party that your children can imagine.

Steps to follow to make a Halloween party for children

Make a scary invitation

The first thing you will have to prepare to make a Halloween party for children are the invitations and have them ready to send the guests to spend an unforgettable night of fear a few days before the holiday. At, we propose several ideas so that you can choose the one you like the most, or perhaps you will go for it and make invitations from different models.

Some ideas to invite your children’s friends and their parents to this special night are, for example, to deliver by hand or by mail, an invitation of a coffin or a pumpkin, for these you will only need some cardboard of the colors that choose, scissors, something to write with and little else, dare to use your imagination to decorate the invitation in a terrifying or fun way. Instead, if you want to send your Halloween party invitations digitally, you can choose to create an animated invitation.

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Makeup the face of children

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In the invitation, you will have to state that you want all the children to come dressed up and/or made up. Although if someone prefers to paint their faces in this great Halloween party for children that you are creating, we propose some designs to make up the face of children on this holiday:

We recommend that you buy special waxes and paints to paint children’s faces and that before painting their faces you put a little moisturizer on them, which will not only protect their skin but also help the paint look better.

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Make food in scary shape

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Something that cannot be missing in a spectacular scary night for your children and their friends is food. You should think of a menu made with things that children usually like, but you will have to make terrifying dishes that your guests will love.

Make a scary table of food at a Halloween party for children

The decoration on the table in this scary holiday is something vital, so we suggest that to make the children’s Halloween party more unique, decorate your table with mummified glasses, bats for napkins, and many other fun things related to this party such as, different drawings made on paper or cardboard to put in the drinking straws and so that everyone knows what their glass is, you can draw pumpkins, cats, bats, ghosts, etc. Keep using your imagination!

Create a scary atmosphere

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The decoration at such a party cannot be left alone on the table, your whole house must have an atmosphere of fear and mystery. For this reason, we offer you some ideas such as placing cobwebs in different corners of the house, hanging from the ceiling, and from the lamps in different rooms of the house some ghosts and bats made of cardboard and also, designing balloons with terrifying faces. Also, so that you can turn off the lights and leave only a few candles burning to create a more appropriate atmosphere for a Halloween party for children, we recommend that you make Halloween candle holders that look like ghosts or pumpkins with scary faces.

Do something different at Halloween party for children

During the party, you can do different activities such as, for example, an origami workshop, where they can learn how to make Dracula’s face, bats, ghosts, pumpkins, or a skull, among other scary designs that you can think of, and then they can paint and decorate them as you like.

Create an activity like games etc…

Create an activity like games etc... for children at halloween Images

You have little left to finish knowing everything you need about how to make a Halloween party for children and the final touches you need to organize some children’s games for Halloween such as a scary hamper, wrapping the mummy, or a scary story contest. Also, so that the activities and games are well set, we recommend that you liven up the party with Halloween music, such as the soundtrack of the famous Tim Burton movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or the music of The Addams Family, among others. many musical options for both the little ones and the elderly.