The best Halloween costumes for kids

The best Halloween costumes for kids:

Halloween is a festival in which fun is the key, and without a doubt, the little ones in the house are the ones who have the best time dressing up and collecting all the goodies that come their way. This date is nearing and many parents are wondering the same thing: what are the best Halloween costumes for kids? If this year you need some good ideas, at we give you several terrifying, creative, and fun alternatives.

Steps to follow to make the best Halloween costumes for kids

Chucky Halloween costume for kids

Chucky costume of Halloween for children Images

Among the best Halloween costumes for children, we highlight that of the diabolical doll or also known as “Chucky” who has become a terrifying character from the cinema, small and diabolical.

That is why a children’s Halloween costume that can be very fun and original is Chucky, a great idea to get a little out of the classic characters of these dates such as vampires or ghosts.

It is a very simple idea to make at home, so we invite you to know the step by step in our article how to make a Chucky costume. You will see how well your little “baddie” will look.

Frankenstein costumes of Halloween for kids

Frankenstein costume of Halloween for kids Images

Halloween is an excellent time for the little ones to lose their fear of those things that do not exist but that lurk in their imagination, such as monsters. So another of the costumes for children on Halloween can be Frankenstein, from any of the characters from the movie Monsters University or make a homemade monster costume to your liking.

And if you have a girl, how about dressing her up as the adorable Boo when she’s disguised as a monster in the movie Monsters Inc? This costume can be made at home and look great.

Monster High Halloween costumes for children

For slightly older girls, a perfect Halloween costume is Monsters High, these characters so fashionable that they recreate a world that looks terrifying but very similar to ours. This costume allows your daughter the opportunity to be one of her favorite characters for a day, a great idea that is sure to have a lot of fun.

Tifanny Halloween costume for kids

If Chucky is terrifying, you can imagine that his girlfriend Tifanny also inspires fear. So a great idea for a children’s Halloween costume is to dress your daughter in this macabre and vengeful doll.

You will only need a blonde wig, a white dress, a black jacket, and somewhat dark makeup to achieve this horror look. And if you have a son, nephew, or a friend who wants to accompany your daughter dressed as Chucky, you are sure both will be the sensation this Halloween.

Zombie Halloween costume for kids

zombie costume for children
zombie costume for children

Many boys have become fans of movies, video games, and TV series in which zombies are the protagonists. Well, surely an older boy or girl will love dressing up as a zombie for Halloween.

The best thing about this homemade zombie Halloween costume is that it does not require a significant investment of money, you only need old clothes that you can tear and dirty and good makeup.