How to make a Chucky costume for Halloween

How to make a Chucky costume for Halloween:   

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the funniest festivities of the year and, although it began in the United States as we know it today and its origin is Celtic, it is increasingly integrated into other cultures, so it is not uncommon that each year there are many more children and adults who want to dress up during this date.

If you are one of those who prefer to go out and scare or if you want to stand out at a scary party but still do not know what to wear and you are looking for a spooky homemade costume, continue reading this article in which we propose the diabolical doll: Chucky. Discover how to make a Chucky costume for Halloween and have the most fun.

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Steps to follow to make a Chucky costume for Halloween


This is one of the most iconic characters in horror movies, a killer and psychopath doll who terrifies everyone who crosses his path. What better argument than this to make a costume for Halloween? Besides, it is very versatile, since you can make a Chucky costume for women, men, or children, and there are even those who are looking for a Chucky costume for a baby to make a set of Halloween costumes for a group or family.

To start making a Chucky costume for Halloween you will have to find a long-sleeved shirt with colored stripes, similar to the one that this doll used in the various movies he starred in.


Chucky costume of Halloween for children Images

The next step to get the devilish Chucky style is to get denim overalls, or panties as it is known in other countries, as it is an essential requirement to make a homemade Chucky costume for Halloween. If this piece of clothing also has two red buttons at the base of the straps, the look will be very very authentic. To complete it, we recommend wearing red and white sneakers, if not possible opt for totally white or black ones.


The devil doll has red hair that hardly goes unnoticed, so to achieve the same look, and thus achieve a truly authentic homemade Chucky costume for Halloween, you can wear a short red wig.

To style your hair on Halloween and look like this horror movie character, you can also go with your own dyed and somewhat disheveled hair. Choose to buy a reddish or orange hair dye that is applied with a spray and removes with just one wash.

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As Chucky is killing more and more people and after suffering some accidents, we see that many scars appear on his face that can not be missing in your Halloween costume. You can paint them with red and a brow pencil to give them some depth.

And if you are an adult, you can also wear blue contact lenses to show off the same eyes and the terrifying look that this character has.


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You already know how to make a Chucky costume for Halloween, now you just have to add as a complement a plastic knife or ax, the kind sold in costume shops, and go out with this fantastic terrifying Chucky outfit that will surely leave everyone with their mouths open, for being one of the most sought after scary Halloween costumes.

And remember that if you have a child, this costume is really appropriate and funny to celebrate Halloween since, after all, Chucky was in theory an adorable child doll.