How to make a treasure map for kids

How to make a treasure map for kids

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How to make a treasure map for kids: 

One of the most fun activities to entertain the little ones in the house is to search for a treasure. And any treasure hunt worth its salt must have a treasure map. At, we give you some tips on how to make a treasure map for kids that is fun, easy to understand, and has the old-fashioned look expected of any hidden treasure.

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Steps to follow to make a treasure map for kids

Steps to follow to make a treasure map for kids Images
  • Before you start, decide what you want to achieve with the treasure hunt and how long you want the activity to last. A treasure map can work as a perfect educational activity.
  • Take into account the age of the participating children before making the map: remember that younger children need simpler explanations, which may be boring for older children.
  • Use clear instructions on your treasure map for kids, with simple sentences, words, and graphics, so they won’t have trouble understanding what you are saying. Mark the way forward with a clear line and the exact spot where the treasure is with a sign they can understand.

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  • Use sturdy paper or backing. The kids are going to be excited about the treasure hunt game, so they won’t be careful when handling the map. And we need our treasure map to reach the end of the game.
  • Give it an aged touch, to make it look more real, by crumpling it into a ball of paper before handing it to the kids. You can also give it an antique look by wetting it with coffee or tea and then drying it with the hairdryer. Keep the dryer about 8 inches away from the paper so it doesn’t damage it.
  • To make an even more realistic treasure map for children, you can burn the corners of the paper with a candle.
  • Also, to make it look even more like the ones seen in pirate and adventure movies, you can roll or fold it and seal the point where the map can be opened with a wax or a little wax. You just have to burn a colored candle and let a little of the melted wax drip onto the paper.
  • Keep the treasure map in the middle of an old book or a small chest, so that when the children find it they can get into the situation.

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