How to make a homemade zombie costume for children

How to make a homemade zombie costume for children:

Do you want to learn how to make a homemade and very cheap costume? One of the best options you have at your fingertips is a zombie costume because it is a very simple costume to make and for which you simply have to do a careful makeup job so that the result is impeccable. Reusing old clothes you can easily make this costume at home and without spending just money. Do you want to know more? So, keep reading this article in which we will discover how to make a homemade zombie costume for children.

Zombie costume for children: A step by step guide

Zombie costume for children: A step by step guide
Zombie costume for children: A step by step guide

If you want to know how to make a homemade zombie costume for children, then we are going to discover the steps you must follow to achieve a shocking and terrifyingly original costume. Take note!

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Step 1: Old clothes for the zombie costume

If you want your child’s zombie costume to hit the ground running, you must rescue older clothing items from their wardrobe that can break. Because, to achieve a striking effect, it is important to be able to tear some pieces of the clothing and, thus, manage to emulate that it is undead.

The best thing is that you parade the bottom of the shirt and make some rips on the sleeves or in the center of it. But don’t overdo it either! It is not a question that the entire garment is torn but that it simply looks in poor condition. If you want, you can also rip the pants to create a similar effect and make the pants look old too.

It is most advisable that both the pants and the shirt are gray or light brown because, in this way, the red paint that we will apply can be seen well and, at the same time, they will look older.

Step 2: Red stains on clothes

Now, you will have to get red paint for clothes that will help us give that most terrifying touch to the zombie costume for children. You can take a brush and bathe it in the paint, now, you simply have to stand half a meter from your child and splash the paint from a distance so that, thus, there is a real stain effect and it does not look too “painted”.

It is recommended that this process be carried out in the garage, garden, balcony, or outside the house because it could stain the floor. The best thing is that much of his clothes are stained with these “drops of blood” that come from the mania that zombies have to eat people …

zombie costume for children
zombie costume for children

Step 3: Old and comfortable shoes

You must avoid wearing shoes that are too new in this costume because it would attract too much attention. It is best to opt for dark-colored sports shoes that do not have very striking elements. In this way, they will go unnoticed and, at the same time, the little one will be comfortable.

Step 4: terrifying accessories

And to finish with this homemade zombie costume for children, it is recommended that you use some accessories or accessories that will make the image more striking and cause real fear. One of the best options there is the knife stuck in the head that is placed as a headband and that achieves a surprising effect. But in the variety is the taste! You can look for any other accessory that can promote that touch of terror that we seek with the costume, your choice!

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Homemade zombie makeup for kids

zombie makeup for kids Images

But one of the most important elements to be able to make a homemade zombie costume for children is makeup. It is essential to wear careful and well-defined makeup to achieve the effect we are looking for and that our child looks like a zombie.

To get homemade zombie makeup you will need the following materials :

  • Gray face paint
  • Liquid blood to make up
  • Black eyeshadow

As soon as we have the materials that we have listed, we will start to make up by following the steps that we will give you below.

Zombie makeup for kids step by step

  • We will clean the face with soap and water and dry well before applying the paint
  • Now, we will paint the entire face with gray paint, leaving around one in the eyes
  • As soon as we have the entire face covered, we must take a cotton ball and blur the paint so that a much better result remains
  • The next step will be to paint the area of ​​the eyes that we have left clear with the dark eyeshadow. We will create pronounced dark circles and also the eyelids to achieve a more gloomy costume
  • To finish, we will pour the liquid blood on the right end of the forehead, letting drops fall that run all over the face. We can also put it at the other end of the forehead and the corner of the lips.

And that’s it! Now we just need to ruffle the child to have a messy look typical of zombies.

How to dress up as a zombie easy and fast

How to dress up as a zombie easy and fast Images

If you don’t have time to make a very elaborate zombie costume for children, you have to know that, very easily, you can get a quick and easy costume to make. To do this, you have to follow these steps:

  • Get a T-shirt and old jeans that can get stained with paint from clothes
  • Splatter red paint on these clothes to make them resemble blood
  • Make up your child’s eyes and dark circles with black eyeshadow to get a more terrifying image
  • With your black eyeliner, draw a scar on the forehead or cheek. If you want, you can also paint the lips black to make the makeup more striking
  • Tousled hair and apply fixing hairspray so that the hairstyle lasts longer.

And ready! With these simple steps, you will be able to make a homemade zombie costume for children without having to buy just anything. Cheap, fast, and very eye-catching!