The tale of the dreaming cat |Short bedtime stories for kids|

The story that we bring you this time takes us to a small town full of cats. The tale of the dreaming cat is a very interesting story for your kids, especially at bedtime. Luna lives there, a somewhat special cat who dreams of reaching the moon. And the thing is that sometimes what we have around us, no matter how good, is not enough for us and we always want to go further, change, reach the moon. This story talks about how important it is to dream and do everything possible to achieve those dreams.

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Will Luna fulfill them? Well, you will have to read this endearing story to find out. A perfect short story to sleep happily. Enjoy it!

The dreaming cat

Once upon a time, there was a small town. A town with stone houses, twisted streets, and many, many cats. The cats lived there happily, from house to house during the day, from the roof to roof at night.

The coexistence between people and cats was perfect. The humans let them roam freely in their homes, stroked their backs, and fed them. In return, the cats chased the mice when they tried to invade the houses and gave them their company on rainy afternoons.

And there were no complaints …

Until Luna arrived. At first, this cat with the white fur and long whiskers did the same as the rest: he prowled the rooftops, chased mice, allowed himself to be caressed on rainy afternoons.

But soon, the cat Luna got bored of always doing the same thing, that cat life in that stone town was limited to that routine and he stopped going out to hunt mice. He spent his nights looking at the moon.

– You’re going to be stupid from looking at her so much – his friends told him.

But Luna did not want to listen to them. It was not the moon that had him hooked, but that air of magic that the nights had when its light invaded every corner.

– Can’t you see that you won’t get anything? No matter how much you look at it, the moon will not come down to be with you.

But Luna didn’t want the moon to come down to keep her company. It was worth it to feel the sweetness with which the sky permeated when it shone with all its splendor.

Because although no one seemed to understand it, the Luna cat liked what that round, silver moon made him feel, what made him think, what made his dream.

– Look at the moon. It’s big, it’s bright and it’s so far away. Can we not get to where she is? Can we not get out of here, go further? – Luna asked her friend Ranina.

Ranina stretched gracefully and grunted at him.

– Oh what to see, Luna! How many birds do you have in your head!

But Luna did not have birds but dreams, many and wanted to fulfill them all …

– We would have to travel, see other places, chase other animals, and other lives. Is our existence going to be just this?

Very soon the cats of that town stopped paying attention to him. Even her friend Ranina got tired of hearing her sigh.

Perhaps because of that, perhaps because the moon gave him the key, the cat Luna disappeared one day from the stone town. Nobody could find him.

– He’s gone to find his dreams. Has he reached the moon? – Ranina wondered curiously …

The Luna cat was never heard from again, but some nights with a full moon some look up at the sky and can distinguish elongated whiskers between the dark spots on the moon.

Not everyone can see it. Only dreamers are capable.

Are you capable?

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