10 Tips To Regain Figure After Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body experiences various changes. Inevitably you gain weight, your skin stretches, and the risk of disease during and after childbirth due to hormonal change is possible. Although numerous women think that it is tough to regain figure after pregnancy, it is not impossible at all. At kidsrush.com, we want you to read the most useful methods to put on your clothes again before you got pregnant, regaining healthful habits, and an exercise cycle that will be the key to eliminating the extra pounds that you have gained during pregnancy.

Ready? So, read on and find out how to regain figure after pregnancy with our following tips.

Steps to follow to regain figure after pregnancy

Hard but not impossible to regain figure after pregnancy

Several women are discouraged when seeing some celebrities leave the delivery room wearing the same body as always. Regaining the figure after pregnancy is not a difficult challenge, but it can be tough since not all bodies are the same.

The essential thing is not to put your health at risk or feel pressured to see yourself the same as always. It is clear that your body has experienced changes, but you must feel satisfied with yourself and be the owner of both your body and your own improvement. If you want to lose weight after pregnancy then go through this article on kidsrush.com: How to firm the abdomen after pregnancy.

Change your habits

What you should understand if you want to regain your figure after pregnancy is when to start recovery and change habits. Many doctors do not recommend starting a strict weight loss diet the weeks after giving birth and less if you are going to breastfeed your baby. Think that breastfeeding will be your first great ally to lose weight and regain your figure since through breastfeeding you can lose the pounds gained during pregnancy.

Start losing weight from 6 months after giving birth

With breastfeeding, the gained fats will move easily, since the development of lipids is enhanced to be able to produce milk, so you can lose weight naturally and quickly. We recommend you to read how to make more breast milk in this scenario. Therefore, if you plan to breastfeed your baby, the idea is to make a change in eating habits from 6 months after giving birth.

Remember that a healthy and balanced diet should be joined with exercise habits that will help you reduce the flaccidity caused by pregnancy and regain your muscle tone.

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Strict on a balanced diet to regain figure after pregnancy

Strict on a balanced diet to regain figure after pregnancy

The diet must be balanced, therefore, we suggest that it should be rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, as well as minerals and vitamins required to have sufficient energy that being a mother requires. All these foods will benefit you both to lose weight, improve the appearance of your skin, or increase your defenses.

Bet on low-calorie diets where grilled meat and fish or cooked, sauteed, or steamed vegetables take center stage. On the other hand, you should bypass refined sugars, saturated fats, and pre-made foods, not to consider soft drinks or industrial pastries.

We recommend you to read another article on kidsrush.com which is about How to diet in pregnancy.

Start with yoga and gentle exercises

Although diet is a key point to lose weight, with the aid of breastfeeding, the most significant thing will be to regain muscle tone so that the tissues regain their strength and usual shape. As recovery should occur slowly, we suggest doing moderate exercises after delivery, before engaging in more particular exercises.

For starters, biking, hiking, or swimming is great to regain figure after pregnancy. With these three non-impact sports you will start to move your body and burn the first calories after delivery. And what about sports with the baby? Yoga or water aerobics with your little one can be an excellent way to recover while still spending time with the newborn.

Focus on specific parts of the body

Steps to firm the abdomen after pregnancy
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Buttocks, thighs, hips, chest, and abdomen are the parts where fat will accumulate the most throughout pregnancy and where you should pay more consideration during postpartum. Once you have started the moderate exercises suggested above, you should equip your body to practice particular activities that help you work on all these areas. Remember that you can begin once you have fully recovered from childbirth and that you must be stable, as the results will be noticeable little by little.

Only 30 minutes of exercise and you will regain your figure after pregnancy

The localized exercises will aid you to tone up and lose localized fat quantity, instead of aerobics to lose overall fat and burn calories quicker. The latter, aerobics, are the most suggested to regain the figure after pregnancy.

We had already pointed out that going for a walk could be a great option to get started, now we recommend that you double the pace and get away from informal walks. Increase the pace of your walks, start running, bet on spinning, or try fitness exercises. Increasing the intensity of cardiovascular activities will help you lose weight faster. Although you may not have much time to dedicate to sports, with just 30 minutes of daily sport and a good healthy and balanced diet you can regain your figure and health after pregnancy.

Recommended exercises to regain figure after pregnancy

To restore your muscles after pregnancy, pay attention to the coming star exercises:


Squats to lose weight after pregnancy

They are vital to working thighs, glutes, and hips. You can do them everywhere without having to work with sports machines or equipment. To do them, keep in mind to put your back straight, bend your knees, and lower lightly while you feel that the burden of your body falls on your heels. Do several reps to work completely. Start with a small number (5 squats) and see improving the repetitions little by little.

Up and downstairs

It is a manageable and very easy exercise that you can practice anywhere. If you do not have stairs at home, you can work with a step and do many repetitions. This exercise should be done at a good pace, but you do not need to jump or run. Just go down and up the stairs fast. It will assist you to tone up and lose weight at the same time.

Hypopressive abdominal gymnastics

One of the parts that most concern moms are the improvement of the stomach. If you want to lose your tummy and get a flat stomach again, the best choice is to practice hypopressive abdominal gymnastics. It is a very comprehensive exercise that will enable you to strengthen the abdominal and perineal area at the same time.

It is gymnastics in apnea, that is to say without air, which allows you to strengthen the abdomen without putting pressure on the abdomen, as in the usual abdominals. This is one of the most intimate exercises in the postpartum period since you will tone and strengthen the area that has given itself the most during pregnancy.

Exercise to regain your figure after pregnancy

regain figure after pregnancy

To do hypopressive abdominal gymnastics you require accurate positioning. Remember to practice it after pregnancy, not during pregnancy as you could harm the baby. It is also not suggested for hypertensive women as it could raise blood pressure during exercise.

Lie straight up with your legs bent and your back straight on the floor without a lumbar curve. Lift your arms and bend your elbows as you stretch and spread your hands wide as if pushing a great weight up. Next, breathe in deeply and then remove all the air from within and now act as if you wanted to take in air but had a nose clip, without letting any air enter. You will see that a vacuum is produced in the abdomen that stimulates the muscles and the pelvic floor. Hold on as long as you can and breathe out slowly to start over.


These are some of the most efficient ways to regain figure after pregnancy. Do not ignore to combine a healthy and balanced diet with a good dose of daily sports. The good habits, self-control, and energy that the little one will take away from you will be sufficient to show off a perfect figure again in no time. If you want to carry out more special treatments, do not wait to consult a professional (doctor, nutritionist, trainer …). They will give you the most suitable guidelines to regain your figure after pregnancy.

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