Superhero Costume
Superhero Costume

Superhero Costume: How to make it at home?

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Why buy a superhero costume when you can make one at home while having fun? Copy your beloved superhero’s costume or design your superhero with special powers using simple materials you presumably already have in your vestments. Think about the basics then put together your costume and start creating your superhero look!

First Step: Gather the necessary elements to make a superhero costume at home

Wear lycra

All superheroes wear a tight-fitting costume, whether it is a leotard, leggings, or a jumpsuit that covers the entire body. Select one or two colors and start creating your lycra costume.

Take leggings and a long-sleeved T-shirt

Most superheroes are completely covered to avoid being recognized.

  • You can also use plain fabric instead of lycra.
  • Consider using athletic outfits you find in supermarkets or sports stores if you’re having trouble finding a solid lycra suit.

Wear a full suit

If you’re not worried about being embarrassed, you can purchase a full lycra wetsuit at a costume store or order one online.

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Second Step: Go incognito

Wear a mask

how to make super hero mask at home

As a superhero, it is essential that your potential enemies cannot recognize you. Create a mask to hide your face and avoid being identified. There are several methods to create a mask at home.

Create a paper mask

Lay a piece of heavy paper over your face and have a friend mark the outside of your eyes with a colon and dot where the tip of your nose is (you can also use a plate with a paper).

  • Draw the mask on the sheet of paper using the marks as reference points to make a mask of the correct size.
  • Cut out your mask and make two holes on each side, near where your ears are.
  • Thread a ribbon or cord through each hole so you can hold the mask in place on your face.
  • Decorate the mask with paint, sequins, feathers, sequins, or any adornments that symbolize your superpower.

Create a mask using household aluminum foil and scotch tape

Stack three foils on top of each other and press them over your face to get the mold.

  • With a felt-tip pen, mark the places where the eyes and other openings are. Use scissors to cut out the edge of the mask, eyes, mouth, and any other openings you want to make.
  • Drill a hole on each side of the mask near the ears and thread a string or ribbon through it to hold the mask in place.
  • The mold should remain rigid, strengthen it by covering it with thick clear tape, such as packing tape.
  • Decorate the mask with paint or adorn it with feathers, sequins, or other decorations.

Make a Baloon paper mask

Blow up a balloon that should be about the size of your head. Protect your work surface, table, or floor with newspaper.

  • Tear strips of paper or cut long strips of lightweight fabric.
  • Mix 500 g of flour and 250 ml of water in a bowl. You can use 500g of white glue instead of the flour if you don’t have flour on hand.
  • Submerge the strips of paper or fabric in the mixture and start laying them all over the balloon until it is completely covered. Be sure to crisscross the bands that you place on the ball.
  • Let the mask dry completely, then puncture the balloon with a needle. Use a good pair of scissors to cut the resulting globe into two parts, starting at the base, where the balloon knot was, and cutting to the top.
  • Adapt the mask to your face, cut openings for the eyes and mouth, and to finish, decorate it with paint or any other element of your choice!

Step Three: Make a cape

Make a cape
Step by step guide to making a superhero cape. | Images|

Find a piece of cloth

Most superheroes wouldn’t want to go out without wearing the most alluring of all accessories. Make a cape using any rectangular piece of fabric you find in your home, such as an old sheet that you will cut out. Felt is also very suitable for making a cape, you can find it cheaply at any craft store.

Wrap the fabric around your shoulders and have a friend mark the height of the cape

Don’t make it too long or you risk tripping over it when moving around.

Cut out your cape

Use a ruler to join the four corners and carefully cut the rectangle out of the fabric.

Decorate your cape

Attach an emblem or letter that symbolizes your superpower in the middle of your cape.

  • Felt is well suited for attaching ornaments to a cape, as it is easy to handle and will not fold up when flying.
  • You can glue this ornament on with a glue gun or use leftover Velcro tape to attach your emblem.

Wear your cape

You can tie the two ends of the cape that meet on your sternum, use a safety pin to hold it, or use Velcro attached to the top corners of your costume.

Step Four: Sporting superhero shoes

Wear colored boots

If you already own a pair of brightly colored gumboots, add them to your costume to give it some extra flair.

Wear soccer socks

If you know ahead of time that you are going to be staying indoors, you can simply wear a pair of knee-high socks in any color you want.

Make duct tape boots

For roaming the neighborhood or dancing until dawn, adhesive boots are an inexpensive alternative to buying colored boots.

  • Put on an old pair of athletic shoes, wrap several wraps of cling film around it, and continue to wrap it along your calves to reach the boot height you desire.
  • Purchase adhesive in the color you choose for your boots. Start gluing the adhesive bit by bit onto the plastic, flattening it as much as you can. Be careful not to compress your legs too much with the tape.
  • Once the surface of the boots is completely covered, you are all set for the house tour!
  • If you make your boots ahead of time, you can meticulously cut a vertical line on the back of the boots with a pair of scissors so you can remove them. When you want to wear the boots, put them on your trainers again and glue the cutout back with adhesive.
  • For a more sophisticated look, add a few inches of adhesive at the top of the boots to give them a slight flare shape  [1].

Make felt boots

Lay your feet on a sheet of paper and trace the right foot and left foot with a marker, adding 6mm around the entire edge of the foot.

  • Use a tape measure to take the measurements of the boot, from the tips of the toes to the calf, and to measure your calf circumference at the highest point of the boot. Add about 5cm to the measured circumference so that the boot is flared.
  • Make a pattern on a separate sheet of paper using these two measurements and join the two parts together to approximate an inverted T. Repeat for the second foot.
  • Cut out the patterns of the two soles and the four parts of the boots and place them on the felt. Trace the patterns on the felt with a felt-tip pen or pencil and cut them out.
  • Pin together the two pieces of felt forming the L-shaped boot, on the top of your foot. Sew the two pieces together, making a front seam on the top of the foot and a back seam along the leg. Turn the boot over to hide the seams.
  • Pin the sole to the resulting L-shape and join it to the set by making a double seam for added strength. Repeat the process for the second boot, you’re done!

Step Five: Focus on your superpowers

Accessorize your costume

Carry a dummy weapon and decorate your costume to show neighborhood kids what you can do when you step into superhero mode.

  • If thanks to your powers, you can transform yourself into an animal, for example, cut a symbol out of paper or felt and attach it to the front of your outfit or your cape.
  • If you intend to dress up as a superhero who already exists, copy his accessories.

Become Superman

How to make a superhero costume Images

Superman’s superpowers are part of his being. Recreate the look of this superhero by simply adding Superman’s famous “S” to your outfit. You can make it in felt glued with a glue gun or in thick paper. Secure the emblem to your outfit with a glue gun or velcro.

Shine as Spiderman

How to make a superhero costume Images

Like Superman, Spiderman doesn’t need mind-boggling props to fight off criminals. To create a Spiderman outfit, draw a spiderweb all over your costume, making the front middle of your costume the center of the spiderweb.

  • You can achieve the spider web effect by using silver glitter glue or by using white glue which you will sprinkle with silver glitter when it is still wet to draw the web. Let the glue dry and shake the outfit to get rid of the excess glitter.
  • You can also make a spider out of paper or felt that you attach it to the center of the web if you feel like it.

Create a Batman costume

How to make a superhero costume

Batman wears a black belt with square side pockets that hold his cool gadgets. You can make a felt belt and sew pockets into it if you want, or you can use an old belt and attach eyeglass cases to either side to put your gadgets in.

  • Don’t forget to fill your belt pockets with awesome Batman accessories such as the Bat-Monitor (use a black walkie-talkie), Bat-Handcuffs (paint plastic handcuffs black), and the Bat-lasso (use a black rope).
  • If you don’t have a walkie-talkie or toy handcuffs on hand, you can still make these cardboard gadgets and draw the details.

Sparkle with a Wonder Woman costume

A golden lasso, a golden belt, golden cuffs on the cuffs, and a shining tiara of a thousand lights are the most identifiable of the emblems of this superheroine.

  • Spray gold spray paint on any end of the rope to make the lasso and hang it on your belt. You can create Wonder Woman’s iconic accessory, her gold belt, with heavy paper or felt or spray gold paint on a belt you already have.
  • Wear voluminous gold bracelets to represent her cuffs or cut strips of shiny fabric, gold foil, or foil painted in gold. Place your cuffs around your wrists.
  • Finally, make a tiara by covering a headband with gold foil or fabric, or simply cut out a tiara from paper and secure it at the back with staples. Attach a red star to the front of the tiara.

Create Captain America’s shield

Besides his impressive mask, Captain America sports a super shield. Make a cardboard shield by cutting out a large circle and painting it in the appropriate colors. You can also use a round plastic sled, a large pot or a garbage can lid  [2].

  • Secure a piece of felt or ribbon to the back of the shield with a glue gun or stapler to create a handle.
  • Cut out a white star from paper or felt and attach it to the center of the shield.

Walk the streets in the Wolverine costume

Wolverine’s razor-sharp claws are easy to craft using foil and cardboard.

  • Take a pair of household gloves and use a spray that can tint them the color of your skin.
  • Cut long, sharp claws out of cardboard and cover them with foil.
  • Glue the claws to the top of the rubber gloves at joint height.

Warnings from to make a homemade superhero costume

  • Do not use real weapons as accessories, this can be extremely dangerous (and illegal).
  • Be careful not to burn yourself with the glue gun.
  • Be careful when moving around with your dummy weapons.

Advice from to make a homemade superhero costume

  • Be sure to give your superhero a name and try to print it somewhere on the costume!
  • Why not create a superhero gang with your buddies, this is a fun idea for making group costumes.
  • Be creative! No one is forcing you to replicate an existing superhero costume. Pick your favorite superpowers, add your favorite color and accessories, and get to work!
  • Felt is an easy material to work with for costumes, but it is not very strong. If possible, wear shoes under your felt boots.
  • Give yourself enough time to finish your superhero costume. Some of these methods take a considerable amount of time.
  • If you’re not comfortable in lycra, opt for a solid shirt and sweatpants.

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