How To Know If The Pregnancy Is a Twin

When faced with a pregnancy, one of the frequent questions that the future mother asks herself is the possibility of having twins or twins, especially if there is a history in the family or if fertility treatment has been followed. Although only medical tests can reveal whether it is multiple pregnancies, it is also true that the symptoms of this type of pregnancy are more pronounced than in a normal pregnancy. Keep reading this article to know all these symptoms and to know if the pregnancy is a twin or not. If you are still not getting pregnant then read our article How to get pregnant fast: 11 tips to increase chances.

Steps to follow to know if the pregnancy is a twin

Perform an ultrasound to know if the pregnancy is a twin

A twin pregnancy is confirmed by performing an ultrasound test, which is usually performed between weeks 11 and 14. Through this, the doctor will be able to see if it is multiple pregnancies by checking that there are two embryos and if there is only one placenta or, on the contrary, two, which will make it possible to determine whether it is twins. In addition to this, in cases where there is a high risk of multiple pregnancies, early tests will likely be carried out to detect it.

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Severe morning nausea and vomiting

The first symptoms of pregnancy vary from one woman to another but, as we have pointed out, in multiple gestations these can appear more marked and intense because there is a greater amount of hormones circulating through the body of the future mother. One of the common signs in women who are going to give birth to more than one baby is severe morning nausea and vomiting since it has been shown that nausea that occurs in the morning is much more pronounced in pregnant with twins than in women who are just expecting a baby.

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Tiredness and weakness

As with nausea and vomiting, tiredness, feelings of weakness and drowsiness can also be more intense. This is because the gestation of two babies requires a greater production of energy by the body so that both fetuses develop optimally and healthily. It is important to try to rest as much as possible and see a doctor in case the weakness is very extreme.

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Sudden weight gain during pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is completely normal. Since, in addition to the amount of food eaten, it is closely related to the development of the fetus, the increase in blood volume, and the increase in the size of the uterus. However, a rapid and sudden weight gain during pregnancy can be a clear indicator of a twin pregnancy. While women who are going to have a single baby tend to gain between 2 and 3 kilos in the first trimester. Those who expect twins, to gain weight by an average of 5 kilos. In this regard we recommend you to read our article How to diet in pregnancy.

The anticipation of fetal movements

Another common symptom that can help you know if the pregnancy is twin is the anticipation of fetal movements. Which at the same time is a clear sign of good health. It has been noted that the first kicks of babies in a single pregnancy usually arrive at weeks 18 or 20. While in multiple gestations this is anticipated approximately two weeks. In this regard we recommend you to read What is fetal distress and what are its causes?

Changes in uterus

A twin pregnancy entails the presence of two babies. Therefore, a larger amniotic sac and a greater amount of amniotic fluid. All this causes the woman’s uterus to increase in size and dilate more than in a simple pregnancy. This will be seen by the gynecologist who will usually touch your belly during pregnancy to measure the height of the uterus. Based on this that you can have more than one baby.

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Once you know that you are pregnant with twins, it is very important to take precautions and visit the gynecologist. Since, being multiple pregnancies, there are more risks of suffering complications.

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