How To Cure Thrush In Babies

The Thrush is common to occur in babies and children when the fungus Candida albicans, which usually lives in our bodies reproduce excessively and cause an infection. The Kids will lactate or those who need to take antibiotics will turn more likely to suffer. In this way, it will be essential to visit the pediatrician in case your little one shows symptoms of possible oral infection by this yeast. Also, if you want to know how to cure thrush in babies, be sure to read this article.

Steps to follow to cure thrush in babies:

Antibiotic treatment to cure thrush in babies

Oral thrush is common in babies and children who have been under antibiotic treatment, since these types of drugs can damage their defenses and, therefore, the Candida Albicans fungus can cause infection more easily.

Visit the pediatrician or specialist doctor

If your child complains of pain or whitish sores or plaques that have appeared in the mouth, it will be essential to visit the pediatrician or specialist doctor so that they can examine him and confirm that it is an oral yeast infection. Although in many cases this condition is cured without medical treatment, it is possible that the doctor can prescribe some type of antifungal oral solution that you should apply to the child’s oral wounds to accelerate their healing.

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Consumption of yogurts to cure thrush in babies

Similarly, to cure thrush in babies, the consumption of yogurts that reinforce the beneficial bacterial flora may be beneficial. This is the case of lactobacillus, which may help fight the candida fungus; However, depending on the age of the baby, you should ask if they can consume them.

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Clean pacifier, or bottle properly

If your baby uses a pacifier or takes a bottle, you must clean and sterilize the nipples properly to prevent the yeast infection from spreading and taking longer to heal. Therefore, it will be essential to wash them with hot water and avoid sharing them with siblings or other children.

Also, if you are still breastfeeding your baby, it is possible that the Candida yeast infection can spread to your nipples, so you should consult your doctor and he may prescribe an antifungal drug.


You should go to the pediatrician again in case of:

  • Thrush infection lasts for more than two weeks.
  • The baby cannot eat properly because of the symptoms of oral thrush.
  • Oral thrush recurs very frequently in the baby or child.

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