How to entertain children on the plane

One of the main objections from travelers, when they fly in a plane in which children also travel, is that the little ones make the flight of adults more irritable. But for children, it is also hard to travel by plane, because being barred in such a small space and unable to move is very tiresome. For this reason, at we give you some tips on how to entertain children on the plane.

Steps to follow to entertain children on the plane

Steps to follow to entertain children on the plane Images

1.: Before traveling, it is necessary to explain to children that they must be good and obey well so as not to disturb other travelers. Children should at least try to behave well during the flight.

2.: But good intentions do not last forever, so it is important to have a few tools ready to entertain children on the plane. One very helpful is to travel with a well-stocked tablet of children’s movies. Which will keep them seated and attentive.

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3.: Bringing a good children’s literature book can be another good way to entertain children on the plane. Although not all children like to read, almost all like to paint: the book can be a drawing book.

4.: Not all children want to entertain themselves, so we must also have tools that allow us to play with them and have fun without disturbing others, such as finger puppets. In addition to having fun, they will stimulate the imagination.

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5.: Board games are a useful and classic tool to hang out on the plane. Magnets ensure not to lose any tokens.

6.: Card games like Uno will get them so into the game that they forget they’re on a plane, especially for older kids.

7.: Or instead of resorting to games that you already know, you can use new things. Learning something different and fun will catch their attention, for example, it will happen if you take advantage of the trip to make origami figurines.

8.: And, of course, it also has prepared a good arsenal of drinks, light meals, such as fruit, and the occasional sweet with which to reward the good behavior of children on the plane.