How to teach road safety to children

How to teach road safety to children:  

Knowing how to teach road safety to children will allow you to make available the smallest tools so that they can function safely in an urban environment. Furthermore, a person who receives this type of training in their first years of life will be more aware of it when they are an adult. To help you in this very important aspect of personal training, at we explain how to teach road safety education to children.

Steps to follow to teach road safety to children

Steps to follow to teach road safety to children: Images

Make it fun for them

A basic point on how to teach road safety education to children is that we must use the game as the basis of the educational method. Otherwise, the child will tend to reject the moment of learning driver education. You can start with the colors, explaining the different connotations that green, red, and yellow have on the signs. [1]

Lead from front

A very important issue in education is that children learn largely by imitation. In this way, it is of little use for you to tell your little one to cross the zebra crossings and look both ways before crossing the road if you do not use them later. Therefore, when teaching driver safety education to children, we must bear in mind that they tend to imitate our behaviors.

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The little ones love to simulate the social relationships typical of adults. Thus, for example, they play that they go to the market, that they are the teacher, that they are in the office, etc. You can take advantage of this fact to play at home with the child who is driving or going alone on the street, explaining what he has to do at all times. For example, you can pretend that you are going down the street and that you have to cross the street. You must offer him several alternatives to cross until he chooses the correct one.

Teach your children to respect the rules

Teach your children to respect the rules Images

In some cities, there are closed circuits for children’s bicycles, even with traffic lights and zebra crossings. If you have the opportunity, take your child not only to enjoy her bike but also to learn to respect the rules of the road and also put herself in the shoes of drivers.

Show videos on the internet to teach road safety to children

There are many free and fun resources on the Internet to teach driver safety to children. The main institutions that are dedicated to promoting road safety have created games on the Internet aimed at children so that, for example, they learn the meaning of the main signs. Here is one video which you can show your children to teach them about road safety.

Learn via games to teach road safety to children

In addition to online games, you can also find printable material on the Internet so that children can color or cut it out, placing each item in circulation in a safe place. They can also paint the most appropriate route or color the traffic light for the car or pedestrians to pass, depending on what is requested.

The Bottom Line

With these activities to teach road safety to children, you will be making the smallest resources available to be more protected. Plus, it’s a great way to keep them entertained in the summer.

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