Fun activities to combat childhood obesity

Fun activities to combat childhood obesity:   

Preventing obesity and physical inactivity from a young age is essential to reduce the risk of children suffering from various health problems as adults. Furthermore, physical activity also raises self-esteem.

Counteracting childhood obesity has become one of the most serious health challenges of our time. It is necessary to be aware of the seriousness of the problem for us to be able to reduce the risk of the many resulting diseases.

Of course, it is not about children being weighted, only that they must exercise regularly to maintain health.

In this article, we will share some fun ways to counteract childhood obesity.

Activities that can counteract childhood obesity

Causes of childhood obesity

The basis of a healthy lifestyle is diet and exercise. Therefore, you need to stay well-informed and make sure that your children do not lead a sedentary lifestyle.

In this way, the children will grow up with more intellectual and physical stimuli and understand the importance of taking care of the body.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best and most fun exercises to help kids stay in shape. recommends you read another interesting article which is about How to entertain children.

Childhood obesity statistics

In the United States childhood obesity is a serious problem, putting adolescents and children at the risk for poor health.
Almost 13.7 million adolescents or children had obesity problems and it is about 18.5% prevalence of obesity. [1]

Martial arts

There are various types of martial arts. You can choose one that is suitable for the child’s age and the goals you want to achieve. This nature of exercise empowers children to have joy and lose weight.

They will also learn discipline, respect, perseverance, body control, and self-defense at the same time.

No matter what you do, you should instill the importance of warming up before all physical activities, and stretching afterward. In this way, the risk of injuries is reduced while performance is maximized.

Martial arts are demanding sports that help children burn calories and lose weight naturally within a few months.

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kids playing football Images

Soccer is the perfect sport for kids because they like it. Although there are other good options, football is an effective sport to combat childhood obesity.

Furthermore, football promotes teamwork, speed, skill, effort, strategy, and intelligence.

Another advantage of this sport is that you practice it outdoors. Playing football allows children to avoid physical inactivity. Football is, therefore, a perfect gift for all children!

Swimming to counteract childhood obesity


Do you know that swimming is perfect for all ages,  but especially for children? Turning physical activity into play means that children do not see it as an obligation, which makes them more motivated.

A qualified adult must watch over children in the water,  especially if it is a private pool without lifeguards.

Swimming is one of the most complete sports for the body.

Jump rope

children doing jump rope Images

One of the traditional games that burns the most calories is skipping rope. It is no coincidence that boxers around the world jump skipping ropes as part of their training.

It trains the abdominal and leg muscles, increases endurance, and improves heart function.

That is why this game has evolved so much in recent years. Practicing it to music makes it more fun and motivates children to sing along. Jumping rope develops rhythm, coordination, endurance, and motor skills.

Rock rings can counteract childhood obesity

This is one of the most popular games in the world. It consists of spinning a plastic ring around the waist without letting it fall. To do this, you have to move your hips.

This movement is exactly what makes it an interesting and fun game to counteract childhood obesity.

Rocking a rock ring requires coordination,  flexibility, endurance, rhythm, and balance,  and also helps children stay in shape.