8 Foods for growing children well

All mothers want to give the best to their children. Thanks to food, your child develops and grows day after day. So how do you get him what he needs? What foods can you offer to help it grow well? Let’s talk about foods to make children growing well now. Don’t forget to make mealtime enjoyable for your children. If you don’t know how to do this then kidsrush.com recommends you go through “Make mealtime enjoyable for your child: A Step by Step Guide“.

List of 8 Foods To Make Children Grow Well

Foods for growing children well: Soup


” Eat your soup! How many mothers repeat this to their children when they sit down to eat? And for good reason, rich in vegetables, essential for a good nutritional balance, the soup is a mine of benefits. “

Vegetables are the cornerstone of the diet. They are essential and must be offered at all meals, as varied as possible. The good idea to take advantage of it: vary the vegetables with the seasons, offer hot soup in winter and cold in summer, and add toppings such as grated swiss cheese, diced ham, etc …

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Foods to help children grow taller: Apples


Ready to bite into and easy to slip into his satchel for a healthy and vitamin snack, don’t hesitate to give your child an apple. For a change, also offer it in the form of a compote or salad of various fruits.

Like vegetables ” fruits are full of health benefits and are an essential source of the main minerals and vitamins the body needs to function and grow.”

Apple but also orange, kiwis, pear, strawberries, etc …: vary the sources of fruit as often as possible.

Foods for growing children well: Chicken

With its tasty, easy-to-eat, and low-fat flesh (provided the skin is removed), children generally enjoy chicken very much. Good reasons to give them some! Meat provides good proteins that are useful for building the body, especially muscles and tissues.

For a child, a portion of meat each day is sufficient.

Chicken breast is easy to cook and eat: opt for organic or Label Rouge chicken to control its feeding and therefore to ensure its quality.

Foods for growing children well: Fish


Very often, because of the bones, children do not appreciate fish … What a pity!

Like meat, which it can replace, it provides good protein.

It is also a source of many minerals and trace elements and contains vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones and teeth. To avoid bones, therefore bet on the cod back. Serve it for example with mashed potatoes. Canned tuna and sardines in oil, which are very rich in essential fatty acids, are also perfect.

Foods for growing children well: Pasta

Foods for growing children well: Pasta

But also rice, potatoes, bread, and legumes (lentils, white beans, chickpeas) …

Starchy foods provide energy. They must be present at all children’s meals to ensure their dynamism throughout the day.

The good idea: offer pasta with vegetables or a cooked tomato sauce to provide a good source of vitamins and fiber. A little cheese and/or protein (ham, chicken, swiss cheese, ground beef …), and you’re done!

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Foods for growing children well: Yogurt

Foods for growing children well: Yogurt

Plain, fruit, vanilla: yogurts contain calcium, guaranteeing a strong skeleton, and good quality protein. They can be replaced by milk or cheese: count 3 servings of dairy products per day for the growth of your child. Be careful, however, with dessert creams and other desserts: these are not yogurts but desserts rich in sugars and fat. They should be consumed sparingly.

Sweet products should also be consumed sparingly, adds the specialist: if they are pleasing, they bring no health benefit.

Foods for growing children well: Olive and Rapeseed oil

Fat is useful for all meals. Each of them providing different fatty acids, it is important to vary the sources: the most balanced are rapeseed oil for salads or olive oil for cooking. »Butter can be used on morning sandwiches.

Foods for growing children well: Water

Foods for growing children well: Water

Of course, there are also drinks. The only essential is water. Juices and sodas are very sweet and therefore should be limited. diet drinks are harmful to children’s health. For your little ones, choose mineral water or spring water over tap water.