11 Best and Free Math Sites for Kids: Websites for Students to Learn Math

There is nothing like a fun math center when you add games to it. Explore these 11 free math skills sites and let your students have fun learning math. Students can practice a variety of math concepts found on these sites including sorting and counting, tessellations, fractions, and more. Students have the option of choosing from games and activities from a variety of genres while learning math concepts. In this article on kidsrush.com, we will tell you about the 11 Best and Free Math Sites for Kids or Websites for Students to Learn Math. Let’s start!

It is possible to use these free math websites for kids as a classroom center or as games during class time. You can include them in circle time or as a part of an indoor recess or simple learning activities. In addition to providing additional learning opportunities, homeschool students can also visit these kid-friendly websites during their downtime, both at home and at school. The games themselves are also just plain entertaining.

List of 11 Best and Free Math Sites for Kids: Sites for Students to Learn Math

  1. Fun Brain

Best and Free Math Sites for Kids
Best and Free Math Sites for Kids: Funbrain.com

You can select a variety of fun math games for kids by topic or grade at FunBrain.com. These games reinforce math concepts and engage young learners. Many of the games have fun themes, such as sports, animals, and unique landscapes. Also included are educational videos, as well as a special “Playground” with games specially designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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  1. Math Blaster

Math Blaster’s goal is to help students become intergalactic heroes through their math operations and critical thinking skills. With an exciting theme featuring aliens and outer space, students will learn how to make the best use of their brain and logic skills. Math Blaster for the Classroom is available in the Teacher Section and you will need to register to play.

  1. Multiplication.com

Sites for Students to Learn Math
Sites for Students to Learn Math: Multiplication.com review

The Multiplication Grand Prix and the Knight and the Princess are just a few of the exciting math games you’ll find from this site for kids. For parents and teachers looking to reinforce and teach skills, there is further information available on the website. You can also play games offline through the Classroom Games section. Visit the Multiplication website for more!

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  1. Learn Zillion

The Common Core Standards for grades 3 to 9 are the basis for choosing lessons to encourage understanding. Learn Zillion offers teachers and parents a wealth of resources that include math games and interactive activities.

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  1. Hooda Math

Hooda Math offers a wide range of free math games that integrate logic, reasoning, math fact practice, and much more, which can help your students become more confident mathematicians. These games engage students through engaging online activities that help them improve their math skills.

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  1. Manga High

Teachers and classrooms can take advantage of Manga High’s free and subscription plans. The free version allows students to play basic math games and compete against the computer or others. The subscription plan allows teachers to monitor students’ progression and determine if they need more training. Visit Manga High website for more!

  1. Math Game Time

Math Game Time is a library of fun, educational games for students in pre-K through 7th grade. With games like Integer War, Ratio Martian, and Jet Ski Addition, kids quickly discover math concepts they can relate to.

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  1. Math Playground

There are many math games on Math Playground including logic problems, number skills practice, geometry, algebra, probability, fractions, and much more. School districts that use Singapore Mathematics can find a section dedicated to that curriculum.

  1. CryptoKids

A website sponsored by the NSA introduces children to code-making and breaking. They can create and break common codes and become more knowledgeable about cryptography. It contains resources for students and college programs. Although the site doesn’t stress algebraic skills, students need critical thinking abilities to succeed in cryptology.

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  1. BBC KS2 Bitesize

It is designed to help students practice math skills with a sense of humor since it is based on British standards. The website provides plenty of practice with numbers, factors, and multiples, as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Visit BBC KS2 Bitesize website for more!

  1. Cool Math Games

This math website offers a range of challenge challenges that help teach spatial relationships. It also offers games covering precalculus and calculus, elementary and middle school math, and a variety of other subjects.

The site is comprehensive and worth checking out.

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The Bottom Line

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