A Review Of The Educational Website ABCmouse.com

Where can you turn when there are so many apps and educational programs to choose from for preschoolers? ABCmouse.com is a subscription-based, interactive website created by an education team, and it also offers a full curriculum for kids in pre-K, kindergarten, and early elementary school.

ABCmouse.com: How it Works

Your child (or children—up to three can learn on the same account) decides what avatar they want to use when they first visit ABCmouse.com. Once there is a satisfactory avatar, your child gets to choose what kind of teacher to list in their classroom.

Based on their age and academic ability, the child’s specific learning path can be chosen, which includes more than 10,000 free learning activities across categories like reading, math, writing, social studies, and music.

Children learn in a variety of ways through online books, musicals, puzzles, coloring pages, and printables, and the classroom is the home base that brings them all together.

On the website, children can play individual games and complete activities. The site contains Learning Paths in which they work their way through the site, as well as a farm and a zoo.

A page keeps track of what your child has completed, giving you a sense of what they’ve learned. While the activity is completed, your child earns virtual prizes if they complete it.

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Step-By-Step Learning

If you’re new to ABCmouse.com and your child is a bit overwhelmed by the wide barrage of options, the best place to start is the Step-by-Step Learning Path, a collection of lessons that will help you understand all the subjects.

Children are introduced to different environments with lessons focusing on specific subjects like life at the beach and in the Arctic. Kids can learn about some of the animals specific to the region they are in. As your child advances on the lesson path, the activities switch from subject to subject and become more challenging.

You Can Build Your Own Lessons

Then, if you and your child feel comfortable using the site, you can build fully customized lessons for them if you want to teach something specific. You can choose lessons by subject, academic level, and even the order in which you want the lessons to be conducted.

Review of ABCmouse.com

A simple learning path on ABCmouse.com can be a great introduction to the computer for young children. By following the guide, a child will grow in confidence in using the computer and in using the subject matter.

Some activities are not games to play. Children really enjoy listening to songs or reading books along with books. These activities keep the child engaged, but at the same time provide some distraction as they play.

They are visually appealing and feature activities and games that are enjoyable and captivating. These become more and more complex the further along a pathway a child is, helping to keep them interested.

Saving tickets for something they want is also a learning experience. Your child learns about the concept of delayed gratification by saving them for what they want.

Young children that are not yet proficient will use the site together. As they grow older and become more skilled they will get more comfortable using the site independently. This is a good spot to spend time with your child if you want to take an active part in the learning process.

Subscriptions at ABCmouse.com

There is no advertising on ABCmouse.com; you can pay annual subscriptions in one go or monthly installments. Subscribers based in the United States and Canada are welcome to subscribe. For more information, please visit ABCmouse.com.