5 questions about lactose intolerance in children

lactose intolerance in children

Lactose intolerance is a digestive dilemma that occurs when lactose is not digested, a specific kind of sugar present in milk and dairy products. The most obvious symptoms of this intolerance include gas and diarrhea, flatulence, and pain or cramps in the stomach. Symptoms normally develop within a few hours of having consumed the food … Read more

Baby’s growth in the first six months

Baby's growth in the first six months

We are back together again. We proceed with the subsequent stage in the baby’s growth, with the first and amazing six months of our son’s life. You will see the benefit of exercises with your son that will support his accurate harmonic and neurological growth, the source of all future training that he will develop … Read more

What to do if the child has a toothache?

What to do if the child has toothache

It is common for the baby to be agitated during the teething period. But, it will apparently not be the last time that he encounters a toothache. Throughout life, it is normal for a person to face numerous illnesses, and one of them, and one of the most bothersome affects the tooth. Children can suffer … Read more

Home remedies to lower fever in children

Home remedies to lower fever in children

Fever is one of the most frequent situations that will have parents with children. In general, parents are always terrified when the temperature of the children rises. But fever is the body’s response to a potential disease(small viruses penetrate our system and the body increases to cope with them), to some disease virus, or even … Read more