How To Make A Paperweight For Children

Paperweights are used to keep documents like papers or letters from moving when the wind blows. Simple instructions can be found here for making the paperweight. However, an adult can also complete this task. Gifts like this are also good for fathers and mothers. Check out this article on making a homemade paperweight for your children to learn how to do it.

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To make a paperweight for children, you will need the following:

  •  A wooden block (you can find them in any carpentry shop)
  •  Three oval stones or colored and white plasticine
  •  Tempera paint
  •  A pen
  •  Hot silicone, glue, or brushes

Steps to follow to make a paperweight for children:

  1. The first step is to paint the wooden block with tempera paint in a bright color. It is best if you choose a color that you are familiar with or that you like.
  2. After the stones have been painted (the larger stones in a bright color, and the smaller ones in white), paint the mouth with white tempera, and the pupils with black or blue.
  3. Playdough can be used instead, but you will need two small white balls to serve as eyes and a large ball for the body. You will introduce two small balls into the pupils, and you will crush white plasticine into a facial fidelity for the mouth.
  4. The final step is to glue or apply hot silicone behind the eyes and place the pen behind them. I have finished the paperweight! You must wait until the glue is fully dried before using it.

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