How to teach children to be more organized

How to teach children to be more organized:    

Children must also learn to organize themselves to get the best out of every opportunity that comes their way. You can help your child have a better childhood while teaching them behavior lessons that will be very useful when they become adults. It is best to start with organizational skills at an early age, however, it is not easy, you have to work hard, have persistence and commitment. When you teach your child to be organized you will find that not only the child but the entire family experiences less stress. In this article, we give you some tips so that you can learn how to teach children to be more organized and live together better.

How to teach children to be more organized

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Teach to be prepared and plan

Thorough preparation is half the job done. Teach your child the value of preparation, for example by being assigned a school project that begins immediately. Teach him to think first about the materials he needs, what steps to take, and how long it will take to complete the project. You can even help him create a to-do sheet, make small to-do lists, and allocate time until the completion of the project.

Teach to be consistent and follow routines

Being consistent and working hard on the task until it is done is what is important. Sit down with your child and explain that it is necessary to establish routines for the development of the discipline. Give him a place to keep his books, to do his homework and projects. Set certain times of the day for him to do his chores and insist that he stick to those routines. Make sure your child keeps a designated place for their things, such as backpacks, boots, jackets, and toys.

If your child is creative, imaginative, scattered, you may have to try a different technique. Give your child the freedom to decide how it works best for him. Give him options and let him choose.

Teach the importance of making clear decisions

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Sometimes children want to try everything at once. You need to help them set priorities. Decision-making is a valuable skill that will help you in your life. For example, if a child does not know whether to start playing soccer or go to guitar lessons, he has a dilemma. Ask him to make a list of the benefits of each activity and to choose what fun he will enjoy the most. This kind of clear thinking will help you evaluate your options, understand time constraints, and make the right decision for yourself.

Once the child understands that all decisions affect other aspects of his life, he will learn to make better and more effective decisions in the future.

Teach the value of being accountable

Make your child feel responsible and accountable by assigning them age-appropriate household chores. For example, a 6-year-old can help divide white-colored clothing before a wash. A 9-year-old can help you dry and stack dishes and even wash the dishes. When the child sees that her contribution makes a difference, she will learn to be responsible.

Teach to see the consequences of their actions

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If a child has been assigned to care for a cat, talk to him and explain that if he forgets to feed him, the cat will starve. Every child understands the importance of food, and most children hate being hungry for even a little while. Explain that the kitten’s belly is going to hurt a lot, and then it will feel weak if it is not fed in time. Teaching that forgotten tasks have bad consequences will make your child more responsible.

Congratulate the child when organizing

Praising him is essential. Reward your child as he learns to be more organized. This will reinforce the organizational skills you are learning. Let him know that you are proud of him and that you know he is going to be a great adult one day.