White Stools In Children – Causes And Treatment

It is very important to be aware of the stools that our children make as they can indicate health problems. White stools or white dysentery can be common in children, many times it is because milk or derivatives have not sat well with them, but at other times it can mean something much worse. In this article from KidsRush.com, we want to explain what are the causes of white stools in boys and girls and also the most appropriate treatment.

Causes of white stools in children

White stools are caused by the quality, quantity, and timing of what we eat, as well as by eating cold things. White diarrhea is also one of the characteristics of empacho. Generally, this type of color indicates that it is with a malabsorption process. And that is due in young children more frequently because of a microscopic parasite that damages the intestine.

Another cause of white stools in children is hepatitis is a liver infection. By not working properly, the liver may not produce the amount of bile necessary for proper digestion. Thus may produce pale or white stools.

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Treatment for white stools in children

When children have white stools, the first thing you should do is go to your child’s doctor. Diarrhea clears up on its own and fasting or an astringent diet only makes it worse. The best thing to do is drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. To avoid dehydration, the child needs water and mineral salts. In pharmacies, they sell a drug of rehydration salts that dissolve in water, ask your pharmacist. For some specific germs that cause white stools, antibiotic treatment is advisable, but usually, a stool culture must be done first.

The antidiarrheal usually opiates such as loperamide, paralyzing the intestine and prevent the exit of diarrhea outside. They can be useful in adults who have unavoidable commitments. But they can be very dangerous in young children. They should never be used without a prescription. There is a vaccine that immunizes against this virus and that although is not included in the childhood vaccination schedule. It can be recommended by the pediatrician if he considers it appropriate.

Another treatment for white stools in children or babies caused by the parasite is to eliminate the virus with mebendazole + metronidazole.

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Natural treatment for white stools in children

The most common treatment is to follow an astringent diet. Although there are many versions, basically it is a matter of not drinking more than liquids (usually rice water) for 24 hours and then only drinking rice and boiled carrot, to which little by little, in successive days, the ripe banana is added, the apple, boiled fish, cooked or grilled chicken …

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  • Contact your doctor for any problem in your stool, changes in color, texture, or shape may indicate a problem.