How To Control Weight During Pregnancy

Pregnant women tend to gain too much weight. Do you want to avoid this? It is common for women to gain weight in their pregnant state, however, you can limit this weight gain by adopting healthy lifestyle practices that will prevent you from gaining more weight than is necessary for your child. This article will show you how to control your weight during pregnancy so that you know how to get good health during this crucial time. Some women gain as much as twenty kilos during pregnancy, and that is not good for them or their babies.

Steps to follow to control weight during pregnancy

What is the ideal weight to gain during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women gain an incredible amount of weight. Of course, this is inevitable, and men tend to gain a similar amount. In contrast, certain limits are considered healthy for both mother and baby and others that are unmarried mothers should consider.

As a matter of fact, a woman who normally weighs 45 kilograms will gain different amounts of weight than an obese woman who weighs 80 kilograms, since their constitutions are very different, and their eating habits have nothing to do with their weight. You must remember, before giving specific information, that every woman has a unique and different pregnancy, and her evolution will depend on the particular circumstances of her pregnancy.

As a general rule, pregnant women tend to gain between 10 and 15 kilograms. Mothers gain about 1 kilo every half month so that at the end of stage 1, they will have gained 11 kilos. The weight gain in the first three months is usually slower than what occurs during the last two months because the baby is typically less developed than at the beginning of the stage. In this regard we recommend you to read our article: Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Chart and Guidelines.

Follow dietary guidelines

If you want to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy, making sure you eat the right foods and avoid foods that are processed and high in fat is essential. Because the foods you eat will be consumed by your child, now is a crucial time for you to choose a balanced and healthy diet that your child will assimilate.

Pregnant women are believed to need to eat for two during their pregnancy. Increasing the mother’s rations so much during this period is not healthy and is not true. To get digestion to be easier, there to be no feeling of heaviness, and to satisfy the “cravings” if they occur, it is best to eat them more frequently during the day; This way you get digestion to be easier. You should substitute fruit, yogurt, cereal, or nuts for chocolate bars or pastries. Besides filling up your tummy, they provide your baby with essential vitamins and nutrients. For more, you can read our article: Pregnancy and overweight = compulsory diet?

Consume iron-rich foods to control weight during pregnancy

A pregnant woman should consume iron-rich foods more often to prevent anemia and to ensure that their unborn child has some weight deficiency.

Meanwhile, junk food (pastries, chips, fried foods, etc.) is totally discouraged because they lack nutrients and have a large amount of fat and calories that are adverse to your baby’s growth and development. If you want to know briefly which nutrients are good during pregnancy then read our article Nutrition During Pregnancy.

Avoid junk foods to control weight in pregnancy

Taking a balanced diet during pregnancy is the best way to provide your baby with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to remain healthy during pregnancy. Thus, your ideal diet will be filled with fruits and vegetables, low-fat proteins (lean meats and white fish), and carbohydrates made with whole-grain flour.

Prepare meals in the oven, grill, steam, and otherwise prepare them in a light manner. Keeping your recipes free of fried foods, sauces and batters will help you reduce the amount of fat in them.

Consume foods rich in zinc and calcium

Calcium and zinc are also necessary for high concentrations by a pregnant woman in addition to iron (about which we have already talked). Our experts at help you determine which foods are rich in zinc and calcium to make sure that you are eating a diet that matches your specific needs. However, we recommend that you visit a nutritionist to determine the most appropriate diet for your needs.

Additionally, your organs will function effectively with adequate water intake during pregnancy, and your body will remain purified and toxins will be eliminated. For optimal hydration, experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water daily.

Do exercises to control weight during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you should not only watch what you eat, but you should also engage in some type of physical activity if you want to control your weight. It is highly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning any training program because not all pregnancies are suitable for exercising due to the health status of both mother and child. Sports while pregnant is something we teach you at KidsRush.

To begin with, we would like to emphasize that impact sports (boxing, running, jumping, playing tennis or paddle tennis, etc.) should be avoided as a general rule. In addition, it’s imperative to emphasize that the first 3 months are when sports should be avoided because the child is less developed and as fragile as they are. So if you normally exercise, avoid it during this time and try walking for 30 minutes daily instead. A routine can be started in the fourth month, with the assistance of a specialist.

Do yoga to control weight during pregnancy

Do yoga to control weight during pregnancy

Is it safe to do yoga during pregnancy? The answer is yes! you can do yoga while you are pregnant. When this period arrives, yoga is one of the best exercises to perform. Through the exercise of taking deep breaths, a mother and her infant can reduce tension and achieve balance, which is extremely beneficial to both bodies and minds. In addition, it is also very important that you speak to your doctor if you are ill or in discomfort as yoga cannot be practiced if these conditions exist.

The following are some of the best postures for pregnancy: