Games for Kids to Play Alone

So solo doesn’t have to be sedentary, since kids can play many fun, active games alone. Kids can get some physical activity with these activities without seeking a playmate. They are suitable for adults and a party of one.

Playing and doing activities with kids is enjoyable when parents are involved. This not only motivates children but also helps parents get some exercise. Obviously, this isn’t always possible or feasible. You can encourage your child to play one of these fun and simple games on their own during those times. [1]

Best Games For Kids To Play Alone

Solo Ball Skills

Basketball or soccer is your child’s favorite sport? The practice of skills does not require teammates. Putting baskets together makes playing alone a lot of fun for kids. Dribbling and shooting are important to soccer skills as well.

Playing catch with a football or baseball without a partner is just as easy if you have a rebounding net. As well as that, pitching machines allow kids to practice baseball at an inexpensive cost.

The 7-Up Game

It is a classic, active game that you and your child can play anywhere with a ball. Increasingly complex skills are being challenged. Gameplay can take place outside or in your garage, basement, or anywhere you don’t have anything breakable.

Racket Sports

You can play badminton and tennis by yourself with your kids! Using the racket, they can bounce tennis balls against walls, bounce tennis balls on the ground, or bounce tennis balls upward with their racket held horizontally.

Are they able to get a string of three consecutively? Are they capable of outdoing their previous best? Children’s learning and development are greatly aided when they practice skill drills like these to enhance their hand-eye coordination. [2]

Hula Hoop

Games for Kids to Play Alone: Hula Hoop


It is possible to practice hula hooping indoors or outdoors. Consider the number of rotations they can perform or the amount of time without dropping the hoop they can maintain.

See what kind of tricks can be done with hula hoops by watching a few online videos. For example, they can practice hooping up and down from the hips to the neck, not just from the hips.


Do you know what it means to “dance like nobody’s watching”? Despite the nervousness that some people feel when dancing in public, you can build your child’s confidence by encouraging them to dance on their own. Music is the only thing you need. As well as videos, you can find games such as Just Dance or videos of Zumba classes online. The moves can be learned by kids.

Going for a Ride

It’s perfect for your child to go on a scooter or bicycle ride alone. Setting boundaries and teaching youngsters the importance of safety rules are essential before they embark on an adventure.

Art Projects

Kids can stay busy for hours doing crafts and art projects. You can let your child explore his or her imagination with some supplies if he or she has a creative streak. Creating a 3-D sculpture or a large mural engages both the fine- and large-motor systems, as well as the creative ability.


Motion-controlled video games can definitely get them moving without being sucked into a screen all day. You may even be inspired to do something other than watch TV.

Digging and Building

Have you got dirt, sand, or snow on your lawn? If you provide some simple tools such as shovels, buckets, and molds, your child can go digging and building without any fear of harm. The game allows you to build elements such as structures, roads, snow creatures, and even flowers.

Solo Balloon Volleyball

Team sports like volleyball are typically more fun, but they can also be fun to play alone. The only requirement (with some boundaries set) is a balloon and you are ready to play a game indoors.

The ball is made from an inflated balloon, and the net is made from a ribbon. Together, you and your child can play volleyball! Eventually, the balloon wafts to the ground after being hit overhead by a lasso, then from underneath by another lasso, and so forth.

Sidewalk Chalk Games

During a warm day, sidewalk chalk can be a lot of fun for kids. Aside from make-believe games, they can also make mazes, obstacle courses, and more with chalk. It can also inspire them to create their own works of art by showing them photos of sidewalk chalk art created by professionals.

A Word From

A little encouragement can keep kids entertained and active when they have no playmates available. With solo activities, you can encourage their creativity and help them grow.