How to teach children to ride a bicycle

The proper age to teach children to ride a bicycle is from 3 years. The development depends on a considerable amount on the capabilities of each child. And on whether the child has older siblings to emulate, but the most popular is that soon before turning 2 years old the child begins with the tricycle.

When the kid has mastered the three-wheeler, it is inevitable to move on to the initiation bicycle as soon as possible. From the age of 3, the child must be trained to ride a bicycle. If the beginner’s bike has been a bike without pedals, the child already understands how to keep balance, and what we will have to explain is the pedaling method. If the initiation bicycle has been a bicycle with support wheels, the kid already understands the mechanics of pedaling and steering and what he requires is to determine to keep his balance, which is the most challenging.

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You will need, to teach children to ride a bicycle:

  •  Children’s bicycle
  •  Child helmet
  •  Whiteboard

Steps to follow to teach children to ride a bicycle:

Steps to follow to teach children to ride a bicycle:

  • Verify that the height of the bicycle is fitting for the child’s height. Precisely seated on the bicycle seat. The child must be prepared to hold his feet on the ground effectively. The child will feel more convinced and it will be more comfortable for your child to learn to ride a bicycle.
  • Inspect the bike’s brakes: They should be flexible enough for the kid to squeeze on. The most obvious is that children initially break the bicycle with their feet.
  • Eliminate the support wheels from the bicycle and if it is not really complex also the pedals. Keep in mind that you will have to reinstall the pedals when the kid has already learned to ride a bicycle.
  • Hold the child remain seated on the bicycle holding their feet flat on the ground, shifting the weight for a while on each foot.
  • Pick two references distributed by about 25 meters. You can also chalk the references on the ground.
  • Have the child push off with 2 feet, balancing with his feet hanging, and only help them when he thinks himself falling.
  • The child must ride at his own speed from one reference to another without pedaling.
  • When the child controls to travel the whole distance among the 2 references without placing his feet on the ground, he has already determined to maintain his balance and can pedal and you will have been prepared to teach him to ride a bicycle.

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  • The child may require more extra than one day of practice.
  • It is common for falls to happen, so it is suggested that the child use a helmet and clothing that covers them as much as possible to minimize injuries.
  • The child must learn to ride a bicycle before the age of 6.