What is an intrauterine pregnancy?

Pregnancy starts with the fertilization of an egg, which, commonly, connects itself to the wall of the uterus. In the situation of intrauterine pregnancies, we can say that it is the most obvious pregnancy that normally occurs in all women. In this article of kidsrush.com, we will explain to you briefly that what is an intrauterine pregnancy. Keep reading

It is the one that happens inside the uterus and where the pregnancy time goes from 38 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. After this time, the baby will be ready to leave the mother’s womb.

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Major symptoms of an intrauterine pregnancy

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The usual thing is to start to feel the symptoms of an intrauterine pregnancy from the third week after the ovum has been fertilized, although not all women may undergo the same symptoms, although if on average, the most frequent are the ones that we are going to list below.

One of the symptoms that are normally more common in the case of having an intrauterine pregnancy is abdominal pain, which ordinarily produces a feeling of having the lower abdomen swollen.

The pain and enlargement of the breasts is also something pretty normal that can develop in the first weeks of pregnancy and is essentially due to the hormonal changes to which the woman is exposed when pregnancy starts, but it is something very popular and it is not necessary to be panicked by it.

It can also be the cause of begetting vaginal bleeding in the form of a spot. This is because when the embryo implants in the tubes it can create small bleeding of around a day duration. It must be said that this bleeding is not linked with other pathologies and can seldom be mixed with menstruation, but it is not.


Nausea and vomiting are also some of the most obvious symptoms during pregnancy, which normally begin from the fourth week of pregnancy and that, as a rule, manage to happen in the morning.

Finally, we cannot forget about another of the most obvious symptoms of an intrauterine pregnancy, the delay in the menstrual cycle. It is one of the most obvious symptoms of intrauterine pregnancy and with which numerous women understand at first that they may be pregnant.

Despite this, everything will depend on the menstrual cycle that the woman has. If it is regular, it is much more apparent to determine that it is a pregnancy than when a woman’s menstrual cycles are irregular.

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