The best vegetables for kids

The best vegetables for kids: 

In any diet, the consumption of vegetables and greens is important, especially in that of children, as they are natural and healthy foods that provide large amounts of nutrients and benefit our well-being. Although sometimes it is not easy to get them to be attracted to this type of food, brings you this little food guide with the best vegetables for kids, such as chard or carrots. In this way, you will get your child to introduce healthy and essential foods for the human body into their diet.

Here is the list of the best vegetables for kids


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First of all, we recommend the consumption of beets, which although it does not have such a pleasant taste, is a raw vegetable of chard that contains a lot of energy, which comes from iron, vitamins B and C, potassium, and carotenes. It also contains sugar, of the sucrose type. For all this, it is recommended to combat diseases related to blood, as well as anemia.

Spinach and chard

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Second, spinach is one of the most recommended vegetables for kids, as it can be tasted in delicious ways. An example of this is the delicious spinach and cheese croquettes, which will delight even the most reluctant children. And is that spinach contains the highest number of vitamins and minerals of all edible vegetables? Among them are vitamins A, E, and C.

The chard also provides these vitamins, so you can vary the menus of your children with both foods. For example, during the week you can prepare one or two days of spinach, and another couple of days of chard, having the guarantee that they are receiving optimal nutritional values.

Likewise, it is recommended to cook these cooked vegetables and combine them with eggs, potatoes, legumes, or rice, and remember that before preparing them you must train them properly so that nitrites, toxic substances that come from nitrate, do not accumulate.


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The eggplants can be cooked in many ways, as you collaborate with honey to sweeten or stuffed tuna or chicken. They also contain a lot of water and potassium as well as magnesium and calcium, and although they do not provide a large amount of energy. Eggplants also do not have fat, so they prevent childhood obesity. So they are a healthy option for children and adults, and at we recommend not removing their skin, as it has a lot of fiber.

Zucchini and carrots

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Rich in water and growth-promoting vitamins A and B, zucchini contains practically no fat. This vegetable can be eaten fried, mashed, or baked with a little rice, but zucchini cakes can also be made that will please the palate of children.

Regarding carrots, they are known to strengthen eyesight, but they are also characterized by their contribution of folic acid to combat anemia and by carrying a large amount of water. If consumed raw it strengthens the teeth, so it is interesting to make typical salads or pasta with this grated ingredient. However, they can also be cooked roasted, boiled, and fried, any of these options being very suitable to support the correct feeding of the little ones.

Recommendations for the best vegetables for kids

Finally, keep in mind that the best way to prepare vegetables for kids is by adding a little imagination. Simply with some creativity in your dishes, you can get the little ones interested in this healthy food. To do this, do not hesitate to play with the colors and decorate the dishes as if they were beautiful drawings of dolls because in this way they will have fun while eating vegetables. On the other hand, it is advisable to cut the vegetables into small pieces for easy consumption by children; As long as they are older than one year, it is preferable not to crush or make mush with them.

Also, do not forget that steaming vegetables cause minimal loss of their nutrients and that although they fully preserve the flavor of these healthy foods, you can always prepare a delicious béchamel sauce to make their consumption more bearable by children…