Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

43 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Worth Sharing

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We’ve got everything you need to make your pregnancy announcement extravaganza—from cute photo ideas to etiquette essentials.

The CDC has offered safety guidelines as a guide for celebrating life’s big and little moments. These guidelines apply to both outdoor and indoor celebrations. Please remember to keep the guidelines in mind as you plan your celebrations.

No news can be greater than learning that you’re expecting! A little person deepens your relationship with your spouse while deepening your relationship with yourself, all while bringing both of you closer together. Even better: It’s a joyful occasion both for you and your family.

Here are some great pregnancy announcement ideas, from the super cute and exceptionally funny to the “I can’t handle this!!” some great advice on how and when to share the news, and shopping ideas for your pregnancy announcement to wow your friends.

What is the Best Time to Announce Pregnancy?

Announcing a pregnancy is like winning the lottery—you want to tell as many people as possible, but you have to be careful about how you share your news. So, when is it safe to announce your pregnancy? The general rule is that at 14 weeks, women tend to tell their loved ones. However, waiting until 20 weeks, or 4 to 5 months, is also popular. By doing this, “you can ensure the ultrasound examination finds nothing unusual, and the gender is confirmed.”

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The signs and symptoms of ovulation

Although the risk of miscarriage is very high during the first trimester, you may prefer to wait a bit before telling even your close friends and family, even though you will feel the need to let them know immediately once you find out.

According to Daniel Post Senning, a spokesperson for The Emily Post Institute and author of Manners of the Digital World, “the textbook time to announce a pregnancy to family and friends is after week 12.” Don’t believe him? He recommends you follow one simple rule: if you are comfortable telling someone you are trying to conceive, then ovulation may not continue. “The advice is to have your circle of family and friends relatively small.” This usually means family members and your partner.

How to Announce Your Pregnancy

Here, post-Senning reminds you that there are certain guidelines to follow when it comes to announcing your pregnancy, including the types of news to share.

  • It’s okay to tell your partner straight away. “You likely found out together, and if not, you need to tell her right away,” says Post Senning. “You can utilize some personal detail in your telling,” he says.
  • Tell your closest family and friends first. Post Senning says that if your soon-to-be grandmother or grandfather finds out on Facebook without being called beforehand, they’ll feel undervalued. They shouldn’t find out among the crowd, and they should expect nothing less than a call.
  • Occasionally, your friends and acquaintances will try to get the info out of you that you haven’t been drinking your wine. But you don’t have to share all your secrets until you’re ready.
  • Pregnancy announcement ideas most often have a visual element to them. These are displayed via social media: using a picture or a text or mailing them as cards. With close family and close friends, keeping your pregnancy announcement hush-hush is fine, but remember to tell your boss right away. Then tell a work friend and the rest will follow via good old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

Thoughtful ways of telling family members you are expecting

Your family is the most private people to share the news with, says Post Senning—this includes your spouse and grandparents-to-be. It’s best to deliver your pregnancy announcement in person.

Pregnancy announcements for your partner

We’re giving you some fun ideas for your perfect pregnancy announcement, but if you’re not sure whether to pay for expedited delivery, or DIY them at home, these decorations can be hysterical too.

pregnancy announcement shirts Images

Leave your partner a stack of “Mom est. 2021” t-shirts at the foot of the bed, with the Daddy version below. Walk into the room wearing your own “Mommy est.” t-shirt.

pregnancy announcement were having baby cake topper by kidsrush Images

Surprise your partner with this exuberant topper, and bake (or buy) his favorite dessert. He’ll be in for a real treat!

Pregnancy Announcements to make Images

You and your Scrabble partner can have so much fun trying to figure out what this T-shirt spells. Or maybe you could even set up the actual game so that you have just the right letters for your news.

how to tell your partner that you are pregnant Images

Make this label for a bottle of sparkling fruit juice, pour it into a glass for you and your partner, and pretend it’s champagne. When your partner uses it you’ll realize that. I’m positive it’s not champagne because the labels are just plain old misleading.

how to tell your partner that you are pregnant Images

Your partner is out, so dress your pup, or scurry one up with fabric markers, in the shirt. When your partner comes back, watch his usual “Happy to see you, buddy” face change to “WOW!

Pregnancy announcement ideas for parents

Your partners and you are elated about the news, so who could be more excited than your grandchildren. Your grandparents, of course.

pregnancy announcement grandparents card- by kidsrush-com Images

The thrill of handwritten notes is beyond description these days, but when the notes are pregnancy announcements? Isn’t it priceless? Honestly, plain paper or a glitter-filled card can be just as impressive! Not into baseball? Send a baseball pregnancy announcement card!

pregnancy announcement tshirt pop pop-by kidsrush-com Images

Your young-at-heart Dad will be delighted when you surprise him with a surprise package “just because you love him”—and more than anything he will be able to take happy selfies in this cute tee.

how to tell your parents that you are pregnant Images

You could send her a homemade note telling her that you want the satellite nursery ready! You could also hand-deliver this rad onesie.

tell your parents that you are pregnant by sending coffee cups Images

Don’t have coffee drinkers as in-laws? They’ll get all wired anyways when you serve them up to their beverage in these fab mugs.

telling your younger child that you are pregnant Images

The idea presented here is to show parents a picture of the child with either the sonogram or a message revealing that they will soon be welcoming another sibling. Tell your parents you want to share the recent school picture—and watch as they are surprised at the new arrival.

Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Once they see your little one, they’ll say “awww”. Make sure they practice with these cute ways to announce the pregnancy.

pregnancy announcement cute basket- by kidsrush-com Images

In this adorable photo announcing the pregnancy, this couple has given their friends a glimpse into the kind of home they will have with the baby.

how to tell your partner that you are pregnant Images

A day at the beach looks just like any other until you notice the sweet hat! Steal this adorable idea and your friends will totally notice when they are scrolling through their Instagram feed!

tell your partner that you are pregnant Images

The couple’s canine “baby” is quite happy about the pregnancy announcement—this cute sonographic proof provides sonographic proof that a human baby is on its way.

your first born telling that you are pregnant

Your first baby made the baby announcement? Possibly the cutest!

pregnancy announcement baby shoes- kidsrush-com Images

These adorable pregnancy announcements took full advantage of what we love the most about babies: their tiny, adorable shoes!

pregnancy announcement cute-adventure grass-kidsrush-com Images

Whether it is a wedding invitation or a pregnancy announcement, the subtlety of language always has its charm.

tell your parents, friends and partner that you are pregnant with a baby girl Images

The woman is expecting! And I can assure you, it’s a girl!

cute way to tell that you are pregnant Images

This bunny with the bow and the Big Sis t-shirt is adorable!

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

This creative pregnancy announcement ideas guide suggests you may also experience a heightened sense of taste and smell during pregnancy.

pregnancy announcements creative eggpecting Images

The blown, sanitized egg is cracked, revealing the due date. What a great way to announce your pregnancy!

how to tell that you are pregnant Images

To color-coordinate with their baby’s sonogram, these mice, mamas-to-be, slipped into black & white.

funny pregnancy announcement Images

Making a creative pregnancy announcement is not just for people who are professional stylists, rather they can just as easily make one like this one. The cute little shoes and your sonogram make it obvious exactly what the baby is doing.

funny way to tell that you are pregnant Images

It only makes sense that you would have your dogs pose in your pregnancy announcement photo if you are a proud pet mom. That sonogram is the best indication that you’re expecting a human child.

pregnancy announcement photos Images

Since your little sweet pea arrived, you and your partner have probably visited all over the country at least once. Sit down with your friends and tell them how the adventure continues while you stay put.

how to tell that you are pregnant. creative ideas Images

Traveling with a baby will never be quite the same again. If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have a tradition of taking a similar shot wherever you go, make a montage of the couple’s shots with a new shot to leave room for the baby!

pregnancy announcements creative beer baby by kidsrush-com Images

Watch your friends’ reactions when you serve a round of beer with the company’s name on it.

how to tell your partner that you are pregnant Images

Harry Potter is full of ideas new parents can use for all things babies. This creative pregnancy announcement is truly enchanted.

surprising pregnancy announcement Images

Here’s a photo of your pregnancy announcement that puts it all out there. (And when it comes to baby onesies, black may be the new white!)

pregnancy-announcements with movie poster creative and funny by Images

The best pregnancy announcement ever! Your fans will not want to miss this!

creative pregnancy announcements Images

Bring your friends over for a bake-off. When they’re done, casually mention your other creation!

Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Children teach you that one of your most important assets is your sense of humor. The couples behind these hilarious pregnancy announcements have it in spades.

funny pregnancy announcement Images

That’s how funny this pregnancy announcement is! It’ll certainly put a smile on people’s faces, that’s how you know you are about to embark on a thrilling new adventure.

pregnancy-announcements-funny Images

It’s alright to use any Star Wars pun that you want when you’re expecting your fourth child. So go on and enjoy yourself. PS. Cute pic of Yoda in this pregnancy announcement.

pregnancy-announcements-funny2 Images

The kids spraying silly string on dad (plus his expression) will leave you in stitches, even if he’s not the star of his own movie.

how to tell your friends that you are pregnant Images

One of the best things about doggy siblings is that they’ll pose for a pregnancy announcement, regardless of how ridiculous it is. Most likely to make it even funnier, they don’t even raise an eyebrow.

funny way to tell your friends that you are pregnant Images

Many of the funniest pregnancy announcements add an unexpected angle to an unusual situation—not unlike how your ordinary day gets rewritten when you add a baby to the mix. So fill your grocery cart with diapers, foods you crave, and the books you plan to study upon.

how to tell that you are pregnant in funny way Images

These two have taken the plunge and are expecting kiddie pools to be arriving shortly! (This pregnancy announcement is definitely a dude’s decision—although we’re certain that a good laugh was shared by all).

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There is nothing more exciting than an announcement like “We’re expecting a baby!”, which is accompanied by an announcement such as “We are expecting twins!” Here’s how to have double the fun announcing your pregnancy. If you still don’t know that you are pregnant with twins then read our article: How To Know If The Pregnancy Is a Twin.

Twins pregnancy announcement ideas Images

Although you don’t have to use graffiti art to make a statement, you know that the photo you’ll take will leave a lasting impression. In this photo, Mom and big brother are shocked, while Dad is so freaked he’s not even able to move.

funny idea to tell that you are pregnant with twins Images

At brunch last week, this mom finally explained to her friends why she wanted eggs over easy with a side of Skittles.

Tell on your social media that you are pregnant with twins Images

Whether you have a pint-sized messenger or a large board, chalkboards are always the perfect medium for conveying your message. Little ones, like this one, are sure to have plenty of work to do soon!

twin Images

This is the twins’ first photograph, taken by Mom! I think the dreamy settings are appropriate for the surreal news.

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You don’t know when the baby will show up, so the reveal made all the more exciting. Check out these inspiring pregnancy announcements that will help keep you on your toes while keeping the entire family in the loop.

pregnancy-announcements-suprising ideas1 Images

The photographer will have captured some priceless shots once he turns around, but it is possible the partner wanted to do a quick photoshoot just because?

giving surprise to husband that you are pregnant Images

Keeping with the first surprise pregnancy announcement, this announcement was on a onesie—which proves that the best pregnancy announcements never go out of style.

surprising husband that i am pregnant Images

The couple who is trying to hold back their laughter was just as surprised at the news as everyone else (though the error was not intentional)!

pregnancy-announcements-suprise Images

The happy couple’s happy surprise was commemorated in heartwarming style with a heartfelt storyboard.

The Bottom Line

We hope you liked the pregnancy announcement ideas which we shared in this article. Please let us know in the comment box if you have any other ideas in your mind. We will add that pregnancy announcement idea in our article also.

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