How To Dress A Boy For The First Communion

For boys, the first communion is a very important holiday, although not as important as it can be for a girl. Surely, the religious factor does not play as important a role for children as it should. But the party, the family reunion, the banquet, and, above all, the gifts are the elements that make this event the most important of childhood. If the date is approaching and you want to know how to dress a boy for their first communion, then read this article till the end.

Four decisions to dress a boy for the first communion

First decision: everyone must like it

To dress a boy for the first communion, first of all, it is necessary to define the style of the suit. To do this, you must take into account three factors: child, mother, and Church. The costume will be worn by the child, so you should always tell your opinion. Ultimately, the child must be comfortable in the dress he is wearing; so you should try to come to terms with the mother. The mother can set a pattern. Of course, surely children do not have as much trouble choosing a suit as can happen with girls. Something that must also be taken into account is whether the parish has any kind of style or restriction.

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Second decision: the style

There are countless suits for the boy communion. From the most classic such as sailors, admiral, passing through some more modern adult suit type … In different shades of blue, black, but also white, beige, pastel pink … You always have to make the decision thinking about which is the most suitable for the type of communion to be held. It is good for the family to think about how much of the budget for the first communion they want to allocate to the child’s clothing. Also, it should be consistent with the rest of the event.

Remember that the suits exclusively for the communion (admiral, sailor) will not be able to put it on, something that a suit will be much more profitable. If there is a simple subsequent banquet, it does not make much sense for the child to wear a suit full of accessories. With the budget in hand, you can go to look at various children’s clothing stores and look for the best value for money. Depending on the type of fabric, the price will also vary. Another option is to rent the dress only for that day. Also, if you do an internet search, you will be able to see different models, prices, qualities …

Third decision: the complements

Once the style is defined, it will be much easier for you to decide the type of accessories and their quantity. For simple outfits, we will look for simple accessories as well. Broadly speaking, the typical first communion accessories for children are: the typical jewels such as the chain, the pendant, the slave, the rosary … Depending on the type of suit, the rest will vary. For example, if you are wearing a sailor or admiral outfit you can wear the corresponding hat as well. The tie is essential in any case (short or long); But if he is wearing a business suit, you can change the tie for a bow tie.

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Fourth decision: the climatology

Once you have decided on the date of the first communion, think about the type of day you can have. Remember that communions are at noon, but a cloudy spring day can be cool. Think about whether, for example, it will look much better with a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt.

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