Back Pain In Pregnancy: How To Avoid It?

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Back Pain In Pregnancy: How To Avoid It?

More than half of women fight with back pain during pregnancy, which can be very irritating and interrupt everyday tasks. Do you want to know how to avoid back pain during pregnancy? Keep reading!

Back pain is one of the most popular infirmities in pregnancy. It can develop in any of the stages of pregnancy. This ailment has become very well-known due to its impact on the quality of life and the economic losses it produces.

The area most frequently affected is the lower back, so the relevant medical term is low back pain linked with pregnancy. The depth of the pain fluctuates from person to person, becoming very irritating in most cases.

The third trimester of pregnancy is the stage in which this ailment is most prevalent, with a prominent boost in the intensity of pain between weeks 24 and 36. In this sense, there are some methods that women can practice to avoid their appearance or lessen their impact.

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Causes of back pain during pregnancy

It is necessary to understand that the lower back has a natural inward curve, though, it can fluctuate up to 28 degrees to recompense for the weight produced by the stomach. In this way, a physiological condition recognized as lumbar hyperlordosis develops, which will disappear after delivery.

Hyperlordosis will generate several changes in the spinal and vertebrae discs, thus forming the appearance of pain. On the other hand, the increase in the size of the baby will produce the need to regulate the center of gravity of the body, which is why women manage to drift backward.

Back pain in pregnancy is also linked with hormonal changes. Researches have explained that a hormone named relaxin increases the range of movement of the sacroiliac joints to change the pelvis for fetal development. We recommend you to read another article from which describes How breasts change during pregnancy.

Circumstances such as weak abdominal muscles, stress, or congestion in the epidural vessels promote the appearance of the symptom. But, there is not enough scientific confirmation to confirm the impact in these situations.

Back Pain In Pregnancy

Tips to avoid back pain in pregnancy

At present, there is no 100% efficient way to stop the appearance of back pain in pregnancy, as it is an outcome of a physiological process. But, it is reasonable to lessen its impact and make it bearable.

All standards will be directed at decreasing the pressure exerted on the lower back and extending the muscles located in it. In this sense, among the suggestions that can be grasped, the following stand out.

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Take care of posture

As previously discussed, the pain in the back during pregnancy appears as a consequence of lumbar hyperlordosis. Consequently, developing the hypercurvature and maintaining an accurate posture considerably benefits to overcome the condition.

In this sense, you should try to sit and stand upright, trying to adjust the whole back with the lower part of the body. Furthermore, it is essential not to hold the same position for a long period to avoid increased pressure on the lumbar muscles.

Frequently speaking, some important tips for maintaining good posture include the following:

  • Hold your back upright and straight.
  • Raise the chest.
  • Bring your shoulders lightly back.
  • Don’t lock your knees.

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Adapt what is used during this stage

Pregnancy is a special period in which the body of women experiences some changes, so the lifestyle must be modified and adapted. In this way, it is essential to utilize seats that have lumbar support and, in turn, raise the legs to increase blood circulation.

On the other hand, the mattress to be utilized for sleeping must be firm, giving sufficient support to the spine. It is also suggested to sleep on your side, particularly on the left, as it provides the pregnant body a more anatomical position.

Eventually, if you want to counter back pain in pregnancy, you should change clothes. In this sense, it is mandatory to wear low-heeled shoes that give more stability and are satisfactory. Besides, maternity pants give extra comfort to the lower back.

Exercise regularly

Physical exercise benefits strengthen all the muscles in the body, including the abdominals and those that hold the spine. Consequently, exercising during the first two trimesters of pregnancy supports to decrease the pain experienced in the final stage.

Activities like walking and swimming are very advantageous, as well as stretching. But, it is always prudent to discuss with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

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Don’t make a lot of effort

Unexpected actions are contraindicated in pregnancy. They can make the lower back muscles and abdominal tense, generating great pain.

Normal movements, such as getting up from a bench or chair, should be done with a straight back. If you want to turn the container or lift an object from the floor, it should be done gently.

What to do about back pain in pregnancy?

For several years back pain in pregnancy was an overlooked symptom. The treatment to be followed consisted of just relaxing, which did not relieve the symptoms. Today has shown the effectiveness of techniques such as physical therapy and water exercise to reduce pain.

In turn, painkillers such as paracetamol can be ingested, which is not dangerous to the baby. Bear in mind that this symptom is totally normal in the last stage of pregnancy, despite, it is always advisable to discuss it with a doctor in the presence of it.

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