100 Beautiful Feminine and Girly Names for Baby Girls

If we ignore these beautiful names that may suit your girl perfectly, should we continue to give her a girly or feminine name? In their meanings, these names and their meanings express the elegance and beauty of women. Choosing a delicate name for your daughter would set her apart from everyone else. We’ve compiled a list of some very feminine and girly names that might be just right for your little princess.

100 Names for Baby Girls, Each One Beautiful

  1. Adelaide

Heidi is the nickname of Adelheid, which became widely popular after the publication of Johanna Spyri’s novel Heidi. The name originated in old German and means ‘noble natured.’ A noble German princess by this name married the British King William IV and was affectionately known as ‘Good Queen Adelaide’.

  1. Adriana

This is a Latin name with an English equivalent that indicates a man of Adriatic descent. It is also the feminine form of ‘Adrian.’

  1. Amara

There is more than one meaning to this name. In Igbo, the word means grace, in Mongolian, it means peace, and in Sanskrit, it means immortality. Choose Amara as the name for your daughter if you want a cute name.

  1. Amelia

This beautiful and feminine name is derived from the Germanic word ‘animal, meaning ‘work.’ Ingenuity and fertility are also implied.

  1. Anastasia

The name Anastasia has been popularized by the highly popular animated musical play Anastasia. Anastasia itself is derived from the Greek word anastasis, which means resurrection. Anastasia is a lovely name that is both girly and charming.

  1. Ariana

It is a unique and smooth name that means “most holy.” Despite its Latin and Greek origin, this name is both feminine and elegant. Ariana Grande popularized the name with her hit song of the same name.

  1. Ashley

Several families use this name for their daughters. Ashley is also a well-known actor and actress. Ashley means ‘ash tree meadow,’ and she has appeared in many television series and films.

  1. Aurora

Named after the Roman Goddess of sunrise, whose tears transformed into morning dew, Aurora derives from Latin and means ‘dawn’.

  1. Beatrice

If the star of your family is the source of your happiness in your life, then naming your daughter Beatrice is a perfect choice.

  1. Bella

Your little girl will have a sweet name like this. A name which means ‘beautiful’ comes from Italian. It is also related to the French name Belle, which also means ‘beautiful’. Following the release of the animated movie Beauty and the Beast, this name gained popularity.

  1. Bernadette

Name derived from French and meaning ‘brave bear.’

  1. Bethany

Bethany is a feminine given name derived from the Biblical place name Bethany, which is located near Jerusalem. The name has Hebrew or Aramaic origins and means ‘house of welcome’ or ‘house of figs.’

  1. Bianca

Do you want a name for your daughter that stands out from the rest? I recommend Bianca, an Italian name that means ‘white’. If you give your child this name, she will stand out from the rest.

  1. Candace

An ancient African title for queens or queen mothers, the word Kandake comes from the term. Pure and innocent are also definitions of the word.

  1. Carolina

It may also be spelled in English, Dutch, Czech, Italian, or Portuguese. It is derived from the masculine name Carlos, meaning ‘free man,’ or ‘freeholder.’ Carolina is also the name of a French song of joy and a Spanish title meaning ‘most beautiful woman in town.

  1. Cassandra

Cassidy, a mythological Trojan princess with the same name, is an exotic Greek name that means ‘to shine’ or ‘to excel. When you want your little princess to succeed, giving her this name would be the right decision.

  1. Catherine

The name Catherine means “pure” in Greek. If your daughter is the very definition of purity, she should be called Catherine.

  1. Celine

The feminine name Celine comes from French origins and means ‘heavenly’. Many famous people have chosen to wear this name. Singer Celine Dion is an example of such a person.

  1. Charlotte

During the reign of the princess of England, the name Charlotte became famous. There is a sense of style to Charlotte’s name that is feminine and girly at the same time. If you are looking for a name that is stylish and famous for your daughter, you should give her the name Charlot, which means ‘free man’ or ‘petite.’ This is the feminine form of Charlot, which means ‘free man’ or ‘petite.

  1. Christina

You might consider giving your baby girl this name if you are religious. It comes from the Greek language and means ‘ Christian.

  1. Daisy

When it comes to girls’ names, Daisy can’t be beaten. Known as the first flower of spring, daisies are symbolic of innocence and purity. Their name means ‘day’s eye.’

  1. Daphne

Greek mythology describes Daphne as a nymph daughter of Peneus, a river god. A laurel tree is also known as a bay tree because of its Greek name.

  1. Destiny

It was made famous by Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams. Destiny is derived from the Latin word ‘destine,’ which means ‘to determine.’

  1. Diana

The name Diane derives from Latin and means ‘divine’. The name also belonged to a Roman goddess associated with hunting, forests, and birth. Diana, the royal princess, made this name famous.

  1. Elanor

Have you been blessed with new light since the birth of your daughter? A cute and elegant feminine name to consider is Elanor, which means sunray.

  1. Eliana

‘El’ is the Turkish word for God, and ‘ANA’ means ‘has answered’, so this name means ‘my God has answered.’ It is only appropriate for your daughter since God has blessed her.

  1. Elsa

Following the release of the famous animated film Frozen, Elsa became a popular given name. Frozen fans and those who want to name their daughters Elsa should consider this option. In Hebrew, it is also translated as ‘God’s promise’.

  1. Emma

There are numerous feminine names like this. This classy, charming name originates from the Germanic word ermen, meaning ‘complete’ or ‘all-encompassing.’ If your baby completes you, then she deserves this cute and classy name.

  1. Emily

You could name your daughter Emily, which is a sweet name. When you name your child Emily, you encourage her to excel in life. The name is derived from the Roman family name ‘Aemilius.’

  1. Esmeralda

The name Esmeralda originates from Spanish and means ’emerald.’ If your child’s smile sparkles like an emerald, then give her the name Esmeralda. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, one of the main characters in the Disney film, made this name famous.

  1. Estelle

How bright are the eyes of your baby girl? The Occitan word for ‘star’ is Estelle, so name her Estelle.

  1. Eugenia

In Greek, Eugene means “the one who is given”. Several princesses from royal families have embraced this name and made it popular. Eugenes, which means ‘well-born in Greek’, is what it is derived from.

  1. Evangeline

What kind of name do you prefer? Is it female and trendy? Evangeline is the best choice. The meaning of the name is ‘bringer of good news.’

  1. Florence

Florens means blossoming in Latin. There is nothing better than this name for a little girl.

  1. Francesca

Frenchman is a Latin male name derived from the Italian name Francesca, meaning ‘the Frenchman.

  1. Gracie

You could name your little girl Gracie, which is both charming and elegant. Grace is another form of Gracie, meaning ‘favor,’ or ‘blessing.’ If your baby girl is a blessing, then she is Gracie to you.

  1. Hannah

‘Favor’ or ‘grace’ are the meanings of this feminine given name, which is also one of the most popular girly names.

  1. Hazel

A wand made of hazelwood symbolized protection and authority historically. Hazel is an English-origin name that means ‘the hazelnut tree.’ Make this delightful and adorable name part of your baby girl’s name.

  1. Helen

A feminine name that means ‘light’. Her name comes from the Greek god Zeus, and she was considered one of the most beautiful women in history. Helen is a beautiful, adorable girl you should name if you have one.

  1. Hillary

If you wish for your daughter to be filled with joy, then Hillary would be a good choice because this name comes from the Greek word ‘hilarious.’ When you name your daughter Hillary, you will assure that she is filled with joy.

  1. Isabella

Hebrew means ‘God’s promise’ in this feminine and romantic name. If you like the sound of this name, you should consider it when naming your little girl.

  1. Isla

This Scottish girl’s name is named Isla. Your special baby girl could have a unique name like this, which means ‘island.’

  1. Jane

Your baby girl would also benefit from this traditional name. English in origin, is understood to mean ‘God is gracious. In the past, many successful and creative women wore this name, including the writer Jane Austen. Choose this name for your baby girl if you want a simple and classic name.

  1. Jasmine

During the summer, jasmine blooms and has a strong scent. This name, which has become quite popular thanks to Disney’s animated program Aladdin, is also a name that originated from Persia, meaning ‘gift from God.’ Jasmine, who is known for her beauty and fierce character, is the princess of Agrabah in this movie.

  1. Jacqueline

It is translated from French as ‘may God protect’. You will protect your little girl to the very end, and this name will be ideal. Jacqueline is a nice feminine name for a girl who is religious or seeking a feminine name.

  1. Jessica

Jessica might be right for you if you are a Shakespeare fan. The name The Merchant of Venice was given by Shakespeare to the Jewish daughter of a merchant. I think it would make a lovely name for your daughter as well.

  1. Juliette

If you are looking for an old and classic name, go with Juliette. It is a feminine French name meaning ‘young.

  1. Juno

It is believed that Juno is the goddess of women and marriage in Roman mythology.

  1. Kathy

The name Kathy is derived from other names that begin with the letters “K”. One of the oldest and most appealing names for girls, it is derived from the word ‘pure.’ You may give your baby girl this name if your love for her is unconditional and pure.

  1. Katrina

When naming your daughter, you may want to consider the ever-stylish name Katrina. You may want to name your daughter Katrina if she is lively and quite a handful. It comes from the German language and means ‘pure.’

  1. Karen

Originally from the name Catherine, this female English-given name is feminine in nature. There is also a name like this in Japan, in which the word ‘kanji’ means overflowing flower and the word ‘lotus or water lily’ means lotus.

  1. Kimberly

It refers to a royal and feminine name derived from the woods of the royal forest or the grounds of the royal fortress. Those who appreciate royal and feminine names or those who love nature could choose this name.

  1. Kristen

Traditional Latin origin for this Christian name. As a name meaning “follower of Christ, ” you might think your daughter’s name is appropriate if you are a religious family.

  1. Lena

comes from Greek origins and means ‘alluring,’ ‘temptress,’ or ‘light.’ If your daughter deserves a girly name that is both simple and elegant, choose Lena.

  1. Lily

‘Lily’ is the name of a flower. Flower of rebirth, purity, passion, and a Greek root, Loulou, is a symbol of all the good things. It has symbolism of all things pure, passionate, and rebirth. Your cute little girl will be named this elegant name.

  1. Luna

The name is of Latin origin and was given by both Spanish and Italian parents. Luna, which means ‘moon,’ would be the perfect name for a baby girl whose face is as beautiful as the moon.

  1. Lydia

Does your little girl hold a special place in your heart? She will be called Lydia. A lovely, fun name for your lovely daughter, Ludia comes from the Greek word for beautiful. This is a sweet and cute way to name her.

  1. Margaret

This name was a popular choice among princesses in the past. It is Greek in origin and means “pearl.”. A vintage name like Margaret may appeal to you if you are into them.

  1. Maria

Using Latin roots, Maria means ‘of the sea.’ It is a variant form of the name Mary and means ‘wish-for child, rebellion, or bitter.

  1. Maryn

The feminine given name Maryn originates from the Latin language. A baby girl whose favorite pastime is swimming or surfing would enjoy having the name Maryn as her name. Maryn means ‘from the sea.’

  1. Matilda

Matilda is a traditional and vintage name, perfect for someone who loves the traditional and vintage style. Mathilde is the English form of the German name Mahtildis, which means might, power,’ and ‘battle’ respectively.

  1. Melody

When your daughter is your life’s melody, you should give her this name. The name ‘Song’ stems from Greek origin.

  1. Natalia

The name Natalia means ‘Christmas Day’ in Latin. It is a popular girl’s name in Italian, Romanian, German, and Swedish cultures.

  1. Natasha

If you’re looking for a girl’s name, Natasha is a good choice. It is a variant of the name Natalia and means ‘birthday of the Lord’.

  1. Nebula

Modern and aesthetically pleasing, this name is quite popular these days. When you are searching for a modern name that is girly as well, then Nebula should be at the top of your list. It has Latin roots, which means ‘mist’ or ‘cloud.

  1. Nivea

The name Nivea is also a popular choice for girls. Known as the ‘white of snow’ or ‘white of ice’ in Latin, Nivea has a natural meaning as ‘snowy.’ If you are searching for a name with a traditional meaning, then Nivea is the name for you.

  1. Nora

In Anglo-Norman naming customs, Nora or Norah originated as a short form of Honora, a common feminine name. The name Nora is derived from the Latin honor. It is a gorgeous name for a girl.

  1. Odette

Odette is a beautiful name with a delicate touch and a classic vibe. Adding the name to your baby girl can serve as a good omen since it means ‘wealth’ in French and Old German. It also has a girly feel to it thanks to the end vowel.

  1. Olivia

You could name your baby girl Oliver, the feminine version of Oliver, which means olive or olive tree in Latin. For your baby girl, this would be a lovely and elegant name.

  1. Penelope

Odysseus’ wife Penelope is named Penelope in Greek mythology. In Greek, it means ‘weaver’. You could name your daughter Penelope, a strong, feminine name.

  1. Pauline

Pauline is a French name that suits you well. It derives from the masculine Paul and means ‘small.’ Paula, Paulette, and Paolina are also forms of this name.

  1. Penny

As the name implies, Penelope: ‘weaver’ is of English ancestry. It’s also the name of a character on ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

  1. Phoebe

Is Friends one of your favorite sitcoms? Phoebe is a name that you might know. When naming your daughter Phoebe, choose a name that is reminiscent of the loving and quirky character from Friends. Phoebus is an epithet of Apollo meaning ‘bright’.

  1. Priscilla

The name Priscilla originates from the Latin word Priscilla, which means ‘ancient’ or ‘classical.’ It has a pleasing quality and it could be a wonderful addition to your family name.

  1. Rachel

Named after the favorite wife of Jacob in the Old Testament, Ewe means ‘pure’ in Hebrew. Originally, it shot to fame because Rachel from Friends was a part of it. Choosing this name for your daughter is a good idea.

  1. Ramona

The Old German name Ramona means ‘hands are protected’. Among its fans are Spaniards, Romanians, Italians, and Portuguese. Your daughter’s name might be a good choice considering its vintage feel. Romana appeared in the American comedy Ramona & Beezus and popularized the name.

  1. Rebecca

This is an appropriate name for your daughter, as it is traditional and religious. In the Hebrew Bible, Rebecca is the name of Isaac’s wife and the mother of Jacob and Esau. “Servant of God” is the meaning of the word in the Hebrew language.

  1. Rosaline

Rosalind, an Old French name, has an Old English counterpart, tame Rosaline, which means ‘gentle horse.’ As a Latin name, it was believed to mean ‘lovely rose’ when adopted in English. Either way, it is a pretty girly name and would be a good fit for your child.

  1. Rose

Does the flower rose to have a more feminine name? It is fitting to name your little girl Rose if she is as beautiful as the flower rose. In addition, what can one forget about the beautiful and fierce character Rose from Titanic?

  1. Sabrina

As a traditionally feminine name, Sabrina combines Celtic, English, Latin, and Italian influences. You can use this name if you want to give your daughter something feminine and girly that means ‘from the border’ or ‘devoutly.’

  1. Samantha

It is a popular female name from the Hebrew language that means ‘as revealed to God.’ Samantha is an Aramaic name meaning listener. It is a commonly used yet strong feminine name.

  1. Savannah

Modern, feminine, Savannah derives from Native American roots. Names with the meaning of ‘open plain’ are becoming increasingly popular for parents who are looking for something unique for their child.

  1. Scarlett

Colors associated with courage, passion, force, and joy are red, blue, and purple. Also known as Scarlett, this strong name is also connected to Scarlett Johansson, a famous actress. Names associated with scarlet cloth, which was a luxury textile from medieval Europe, are thought to have originated from occupational names.

  1. Selena

Names with Latin roots such as ‘moon goddess’ are enjoyed by Latinos because of their smooth sound and classic meaning. Singer Salena Gomez popularized the tune.

  1. Seraphina

There is a Hebrew name called Seraphina, which means ‘burning ones’. The word signifies that the seraphim are the highest-ranking angels in heaven. Your daughter will benefit from this name if you are searching for a female name.

  1. Sophia

Eastern Orthodox countries commonly use this name for girls. The name is derived from Greek, and Sofia is also spelled that way. The name Sophia meaning ‘wisdom’ is a great vintage girl’s name.

  1. Stephanie

The Greek name Stephanos means ‘crown,’ so a girl named Stephanie could be an acute and classy choice.

  1. Susan

Originally derived from Persian, the name Susan is distinguished by its meaning of the lily flower. “Lily flower” is also the name of a lotus flower in Egyptian and Coptic languages. You might want to consider Susan for your daughter because she represents purity.

  1. Sylvie

Sylvie, which can also be spelled Silvia, is a Latin-origin name meaning ‘forest’. If you and your partner love the outdoors, then name your daughter Sylvie.

  1. Tatiana

Did fairy queens have a name like that? Tatiana is the best choice. In Latin, it means ‘fairy queen’ as well as the feminine form of the name Tatitnus.

  1. Teresa

Greek origins make this name popular among Christians. Terra is a traditionally female name that means ‘harvester’.

  1. Tiffany

It was formerly given to newborns on the feast of Theophania (Epiphany), which is the Greek name for God’s appearance. Style and elegance abound in this elegant girl’s name.

  1. Valentina

A beautiful and unique name, Valentina was originally derived from the word Valens, which means ‘strong or healthy.’ This name is a variation of the Roman name Valentinus.

  1. Vanessa

I recommend Vanessa as a name for girls who like mythological stories. This is a derivative of the Latin goddess of love, Venus. There is a goddess by that name in Greek.

  1. Veronica

Also, she wiped the face of Jesus on his way to Calvary. She is the name of the compassionate woman who wiped the face of Jesus on his way to Calvary. This is a Latin name, which means “one who brings victory.”. As a result, this is a trendy and traditional name.

  1. Victoria

This Latin name means ‘victory’ and is a perfect choice for a little girl who is destined to succeed. The Victorian era is also perfect for those who love its culture and history.

  1. Violet

Your little girl could also be named Violet if you choose. This name derives from the Latin word viola, which means purple. If purple is your favorite color, you should give your girl this name.

  1. Willow

The English name Willow Tree means “willow tree” or “freedom, and willow trees are synonymous with grace and elegance, which shows the characteristics of a feminine name. It will be a unique and special name for your daughter.

  1. Yohanna

Considering a unique name for your special little girl, then consider Yohanna. It comes from Hebrew and means “God has favored me.”.

  1. Zara

In Arabic, Zara means “blossoming flower,” “splendor,” and “dawn.” The name Zara derives from Sarah, which means “princess” or “lady.”

On this list, you will find names that are associated with famous personalities as well as feminine and girly names. You can name your daughter after someone who you are a huge fan of. Please enjoy our list of girly names and pick the name that best fits your daughter’s character.

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