How to prevent urine infection in children

How to prevent urine infection in children:   

Although in many cases they are very difficult to avoid, urine infection in children can be tried to reduce by carrying out some preventive measures. Therefore, adults and children should do their part to try to fight the most common causes of childhood urinary infections. Thus, if you want to know how to prevent urinary tract infections in children, do not miss this article where you will find various recommendations and tips that can help you reduce the proliferation of bacteria in the urinary tract of the smallest of the House. [1]

Steps to follow to prevent urine infection in children

urine infection in children
urine infection in children
  1. First of all, it will be essential that children consume enough water and other fluids throughout the day, as this is how germs and toxins will be eliminated from the body. For this reason, we must give them to drink frequently and, above all, before they are thirsty since this is the first symptom of dehydration.
  2. In the same way, correct hygiene habits will also be the best prevention measure for urine infections in children. And it will be necessary that, when teaching the little ones to go to the bathroom, we make them aware of the need to clean their intimate area well; This implies, especially in the case of girls, teaching them to clean themselves from front to back, since otherwise, we will be increasing the risk that bacteria from the anal area reach the urethra and cause an infection.
  3. It will be essential that children understand the need to go to the bathroom frequently and that they should never hold back the urge to urinate. Retaining urine in the bladder is very harmful since, in addition to preventing germs from being expelled, it can have serious consequences such as the return of urine to the kidneys.
  4. When choosing children’s clothing, it will be important to avoid too narrow pants, as well as tight stockings and tights, since they increase the possibility of contracting urinary infections. In this way, children should wear loose and loose clothing made with quality materials and, as far as possible, natural such as cotton clothing.
  5. Another factor that can also proliferate urine infections in children is bubble baths since they can irritate the genital area, especially also in girls. That is why you should avoid this type of bath, as well as use neutral and specific soaps for the skin of the little ones in the house.
  6. In this other article, we explain what are the most common causes of urine infection in boys and girls as well as the types of urine infections so that you can take preventive measures and, in case it is too late, visit the pediatrician to be very clear about how to treat urine infection in children.

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