How to keep children away from drugs

When children reach adolescence, one of the most sensitive issues to talk with them is talking about drugs. For this reason, it is necessary to have good conversations with them during the previous stages so that when they enter this age they can have sufficient trust with you as a father or mother, tell you who they go, where they go and what places they like to visit. An education based on good values, trust, respect, esteem, and good understanding is required. Even so, from we want to guide you on how to keep children away from drugs.

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Steps to follow to keep children away from drugs


Be their captain in good decision making. From the time they are small, children must be given choices and learn to be observant and to know how to say what they want and what they don’t want. Having your own standards and understanding how to make decisions is very essential so as not to get carried away by rival pressure when they are adolescents.


Support open communication with your child at any age. You must realize that people have to talk to understand each other and, for this, you must put words to their sentiments and know how to express themselves. Besides, you certainly raise the subject of drugs in an open and trusting environment so that he feels that no matter what occurs that his parents will always be by his side to assist him.


Educate your child on how to say no. It is necessary for life, both in infancy and in adult life. You have to know how to say it and understand how to do it well. Teaching in assertiveness is always a benefit.

how to keep children away from drugs


Give him exit options. Make it clear to your child that you will forever be by his side to help him in any circumstances. Emphasize that if they ever feel under peer pressure and feel like they have no way out, they don’t need to say yes when they really want to say no. Make him realize that when he is in a situation like this, you will pick him up wherever required to get him out of that circumstance that troubles him.

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Get to know your child and take time to be involved in how he is and how he feels. As a parent you must not only meet their primary needs, their mental and emotional health is just as valuable as their physical health.