How To Cure A Stye In Children

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How To Cure A Stye In Children

If you have seen that your child has developed a small lump or pimple on the eyelid, either upper or lower, it is very likely a stye.

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What causes styes in children’s eyes

This is the manifestation of a bacterial infection that appears in the eyelid of the eye causing swelling, discomfort, tearing, and other symptoms. Although this infection can appear at any age, it is a very common condition at an early age, so if in addition to going to the pediatrician, you want to contribute to its cure, pay attention to the following article on how to cure a stye in children.

Steps to follow to cure a stye in children

Visit a pediatrician

Before resorting to any treatment to cure a stye, it is important to recognize the symptoms of this and make sure that your child really has this infection. A stye is nothing more than an inflammation on the skin of the upper or lower eyelid that causes redness, swelling, and discomfort. Usually, a small lump appears, very similar to a pimple, which has a yellowish tone due to the presence of pus or fat inside. It also produces tearing and sensitivity to light. Before the manifestation of these symptoms, it is best to go to the pediatrician, since being an infection in many cases an antibiotic treatment is necessary.

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Apply compresses moistened in warm water to cure a stye in children

To speed up the healing of the stye in children and reduce the discomfort and inflammation, you can try the following natural treatments. The most recommended is to apply compresses moistened in warm water on the affected eyelid of your child. This can be done three or four times a day by leaving the compress applied to the eye for approximately 10 minutes, this will reduce the swelling and facilitate the expulsion of the contents of the stye.

Use chamomile to cure a stye in children

Chamomile is a medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it an excellent natural remedy to relieve the discomfort generated by sty and treat inflammation. To use this plant, you just have to follow the previous procedure preparing an infusion of chamomile, soak a compress in it and place it on the affected eye for a few minutes.

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Revisit your pediatrician

Styes usually disappear after a few days (between 3 and 7 days), but if this does not happen or the infection is recurrent, it will be essential that you go back to your pediatrician to re-examine your affected eye.

Tips and warnings to cure stye in children

To cure a stye in children and protect the child’s eye health at all times, you must take into account the following measures :

  • In no case should you try to remove the stye by touching it with your fingers or squeezing them, as it could become worse and the infection can be much greater?
  • Try not to let your child rub the affected area or touch it with their hands, as the styes should be allowed to drain on their own.
  • By way of prevention, make sure that the little one always has clean hands and maintains good hygiene of their eyelids frequently.

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