Tips to encourage the baby to crawl

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Tips to encourage the baby to crawl

Tips to encourage the baby to crawl:  

Why encourage the baby to crawl? Do they not learn on their own? Yes, they do, but they still need support to get rid of their fears and try. Here are some tips you can try.

Encouraging the baby to crawl is a good decision. After all, a baby’s first year is full of exciting and magical moments. Its progress and milestones fill parents with pride.

Babies start crawling between 7 and 9 months. This happens when the baby decides to do so. In reality, you do not need to do anything to learn it.

But parents can help stimulate the movements that drive the baby to start crawling.

Types of crawling

Not all babies crawl as fast, and a baby who is more clumsy than others does not mean that he is less intelligent.

There are four types of crawling in babies :

  • There is a type of crawling where the baby does not lift the body, but moves forward with its arms,  almost like a crawling soldier.
  • The second way is reminiscent of the first, but here the baby lifts his upper body. It puts its hands on the ground and pushes itself forward with only its arms while its legs remain outstretched.
  • The next common method is to crawl with your arms and knees. In this case, the baby is on all fours. So arms and knees against the floor.
  • Finally, some babies can lift their entire body and lean against their hands and feet.

How to teach/ encourage the baby to crawl

Let it play on your stomach

When you place the baby on its stomach, you encourage it to use the muscles that allow it to move and crawl.

Babies usually sit and sleep on their backs, and placing them on their stomachs when awake will therefore stimulate another set of movements, such as lifting their head.

They may feel uncomfortable at first,  so do not leave them in the position for too long. Keep trying until they get used to it. There are many toys to distract them with.

You can also lie on your back and place the baby on top of you on your stomach.

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Place things in front of it out of reach

crawling baby reaching to toys Images

When the baby feels more comfortable lying on its stomach, you can place interesting things in front of it, but out of reach. It will encourage it to move forward.

It may seem frustrating at first, but do not move the toy any closer. It will eventually find a way to move forward.

Encourage the baby to crawl by walking on all fours by himself

baby to crawl Images

Babies learn through observation. If it sees you crawling, it will understand that it is possible.

Of course, this does not mean that it will start crawling as soon as it sees you do it. But it will help it and give it clues as to how to do it.

Hanging toys can be helpful

hanging toys helps crawl to baby
with hanging toys encourage the baby to crawl

Hanging toys over the baby while lying on its back helps to strengthen arms and abdominal muscles.

Babies like colors and movement. This is why mobiles are excellent for them. When they try to reach them, they will strengthen the same muscles they use to crawl.

Help them by rocking

Fold a towel or sheet and place the baby on its stomach with the towel between its stomach and chest.

Then lift the towel so that the baby’s body is lifted. It will instinctively rest its hands on the floor. When it does, you can gently rock the towel back and forth.

You can also perform the exercise by lifting the baby by holding its hips.

What happens if the baby does not crawl?

Most babies crawl before getting up or standing without support. However, many also go directly from sitting to standing with support. This is perfectly normal.

If you notice that the baby has difficulty crawling, you should talk to a pediatrician to check that the motor development is normal. [1]

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